Google Mapped 31 Spooky Sites Across The Country

published Oct 26, 2017
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Do you typically reserve your usage of Google Maps for finding places to go and things to do that don’t scare the crap out of you? If that describes you, then a) welcome to the fearful fold, fellow reluctant Halloweeners, and b) you probably won’t be mapping any of the locations on this list of 31 haunted places to visit that the search engine has taken painstaking measures to compile.

Obviously, the same can’t be said for thrill-seekers who are more than likely clasping their hands together in devilish delight at the prospect of swinging by one or more of these legitimately spooky spots. That said, here are a few of the places to visit if intentionally creeping yourself out sounds like fun.

The Alamo

While you’re marveling at the architectural designs in San Antonio, Google suggests you stop by and take in the history with a healthy side of hauntings at the Alamo, a former mission-turned battle site during the 19th century Texas Revolution. Reportedly, the Alamo is haunted by the ghosts of soldiers who fought and died on its grounds during the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.


Both the island of Alcatraz and the penitentiary are believed to be among the most haunted places in America. If you don’t believe it, Google Map the route to the offshore San Francisco location and see if you don’t come face to face with the ghost of Al Capone, one of Alcatraz’s most famous inmates.

Western Cemetery

What would this list be without a cemetery? This Baltimore cemetery is not only believed to be haunted as heck, but it’s also famously known as the final resting place for Edgar Allen Poe.

The Stanley Hotel

A visit to this horrifying hotel in Estes Park, Colorado inspired Stephen King’s novel The Shining. We have nothing more to say except enter at your own risk.

Check out the full map below, or over on Google.

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