The Mini Pet Camera That Two of Our Editors Count On for “Peace of Mind” When They’re Not Home

published Jul 3, 2023
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Credit: Erin Derby

Since getting my dogs, one of my biggest worries is making sure they’re taken care of when I’m out of my apartment. While both of my dogs are young, neither are exactly travel-sized, so I can’t take them with me all the time — especially if I’m working outside of my home. Plus, with a rambunctious puppy on the loose, I find myself going from room to room to check on them, even when we’re all at home together! That naturally led me to start exploring pet cameras sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, many Apartment Therapy staffers happen to love animals and were able to enlighten me on the types of cameras they’ve been using in their own spaces. One camera that came up from multiple editors is the Google Nest Security Cam. Though it’s not a dedicated pet camera, it’s been a huge help for two editors who swear by it for their own cats and dogs.

What is the Google Nest Security Cam?

The second-generation Google Nest Security Camera is the latest wired camera from the brand that can be wall-mounted or used on a tabletop. The camera measures roughly 2.5″ x 3.9″ and comes in three aesthetic-friendly neutrals that won’t clash with your decor. It’s Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled, and even has a motion sensor that makes it ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Despite having “Nest” in its name, this version of the camera works with the Google Home app, which is better to know before buying it in case you’ve been a longtime Google Nest user. No subscription is required to use the camera or its app, and it’s packed with smart features to ensure you’re kept aware of happenings in your household. Most impressive is the intelligent tech that’s built into the camera that’s capable of letting you know if a person, vehicle, or animal is within range of its lens.

Along with the integrated smart technology, the camera is equipped with 1080p HDR video quality, night vision, and three hours’ worth of video playback. For up to 60 days of video history, a subscription to Nest Aware is required: It’s $60 per year for 30 days worth and $120 per year for 60 days worth. However, without a subscription, you still have access to plenty of useful features, including a speaker, microphone, and the ability to stream a live video feed through your smart devices via Google Assistant or Alexa.

Why Editors Love the Google Nest Security Cam

“When my pet enters the room, the app sends me an alert telling me that there was “an animal seen”, which is so helpful when I’m not at home and trying to keep an eye on them. The zoom and camera quality is unmatched. I don’t just see them, I can see how they’re doing/feeling. One camera covers a very wide space. I’m able to see our living room, den and the entryway just by having one sitting on the fireplace mantle.”— Charli, Executive Lifestyle Director

Charli and managing commerce editor Tamara both have the Google Nest camera in their homes for their families and pets. While Charli uses it to keep an eye on her Yorkie and Miniature Schnauzer, Tamara has two cats in her apartment that she monitors. Despite the difference in pets, both editors gave the Google Nest rave reviews across the board. Tamara appreciated the functionality of the camera, specifically that it allows her to talk to her cats while she’s out, and Charli loves the crispness of the picture quality as well as its range. The camera alerts are also incredibly helpful in identifying who or what crosses the camera’s path, so users know who’s in their space throughout the day.

Both Charli and Tamera gave the Google Nest camera major points for ease of use, portability, sound quality, and durability. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the camera makes a sleek and stylish addition to their homes.

“This little machine gave me so much peace of mind while I’m at work or on vacation so I can quickly check in on my two kittens.” — Tamara, Commerce Managing Editor

Credit: Tamara Kraus

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.3/5

“I bought this camera to monitor an area in my house where my elderly dogs sit and wait for us to come come home. This did the job like a charm! Install was super easy, adding it to my network and Nest system was practically effortless. This is a constant power camera, which means constant recording as well. The could is super easy to navigate and find activity.” — Zack M.

“It does what I needed it to do. I have a little Yorkie and I can keep an eye on her when I am gone. I especially like the feature that I can talk to her through the app on my phone.” — Korts

“We use this in our baby’s nursery. We held off on using a camera in there for the longest time, but this thing is a game changer for nap time. We pull up the feed on one of our phones while she’s sleeping and can see if she is actually awake or just fussing. Her sleep and our stress around nap time are much better. Excellent product and easy setup. I wounded it to the wall with the provided hardware in under five minutes and it comes with a long plug in cord. The night vision mode is amazing also. It will be dark in the room, but we can see baby like daylight.” — Tyrone V.