How Sisters Grace and Rebecca Atwood Spend Their Perfect Nights In at Home

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The Atwood sisters are nothing short of aspirational: designer Rebecca runs her home business Rebecca Atwood Designs, while Grace covers everything lifestyle on her blog The Stripe. While they may lead different careers, they always seem to support each other’s endeavors along the way.

The two entrepreneurs have been keeping busy, too. Rebecca just recently published her latest book “Living With Color,” and Grace is touring around U.S. cities doing live podcast shows. Life seems to be good—and busy—to say the least.

But how do the Atwoods unwind at night when they aren’t publishing books and doing tours? We decided to ask each of them to find out how similar (or different) these sisters really are.

Set the Scene

Describe your perfect homebody scene in five words:

Grace: Bath, books, bed, cat, and wine.

Rebecca: Pajamas, cuddles, cats, wine, dinner.

Are you alone or with someone else?

Grace: I am with my cat, Tyrion.

Rebecca: My husband Steve, our two cats Chili and Cotton, and a sleeping baby in the bedroom.

What’s your night-in uniform?

Grace: A simple nightshirt: my favs are from Kassatex and J.Crew.

Rebecca: Pajamas. My mom laughs because I like to get into them as soon as I get home. I’m currently loving a navy cotton pair from Eberjey.

What two people, dead or alive, would you let crash your night?

Grace: Oh that’s a tough question. I’m going to invite Frank Sinatra over to sing to me, and Bobby Flay to cook me something really delicious.

Rebecca: That is a tough one! Truthfully, I’m tempted to say no one as I’m a big introvert… and the new mom fatigue is real!

Favorite cozy product:

Grace: My gravity blanket is my whole life. And can my cat count as a “cozy product?”

Rebecca: A cozy cotton throw. I like cotton because it’s great year round. A carafe of water so you don’t need to get off the couch but can easily refill.

Now Playing

TV or a movie?

Grace: I always laugh about it because TV seems like less of a commitment than a movie, but then I end up bingeing a whole series.

Rebecca: TV. I like the idea of episodes and them compiling into a longer narrative format where you get to know the characters over time, but also that you can watch a single short episode.

What are you watching?

Grace: Probably “Younger” or “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Rebecca: Currently watching “The OA” on Netflix.

Silence or music?

Grace: Quiet because I’m probably reading.

Rebecca: Quiet.

E-books or the real deal?

Grace: The real deal, always!

Rebecca: I go back and forth, but most often a physical copy. I like to pass on books and it’s easier with real copies.

What are you reading?

Rebecca: “Joyful” by Ingrid Fetell Lee. It’s such an inspiring book and really reminds me why I love creating patterns for the home.

Board games: yay or nay?

Grace: Maybe? I do love Monopoly.

Rebecca: Nay. Maybe a puzzle? I haven’t done one of those in a long time!

What’s Cooking

Order in or cook for yourself?

Grace: Ordering!

Rebecca: If it’s the perfect night in, then having my husband cook for me!

What are you eating?

Grace: Probably Silver Rice in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Their spicy salmon rice cup is my absolute favorite.

Rebecca: [My husband] makes this amazing Korean BBQ pulled pork.

What drink are you pouring?

Grace: Probably a nice glass of pinot noir. If I’m splurging, it’s Domaine Serene.

Rebecca: A glass of pinot noir.

What’s for dessert?

Grace: Ice cream. I’m not really a sweets person but I love ice cream. My favorite is Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked. I’m a goner for anything with cookie dough or brownie bits.

Rebecca: Ice cream! I love Blue Marble’s Organic Midnight Cookie.

Late-night snack?

Grace: String cheese or Parmesan goldfish.

Rebecca: Another spoon of ice cream.

Take Care

Do you have a self-care ritual?

Grace: I try to stay in on Friday nights. It’s the perfect way to decompress after a long week.

Rebecca: Sleep! Also painting. It’s a way for me to unwind, even if it’s just a quick 5 minutes in my sketchbook.

What do you try to avoid at all costs?

Grace: Looking at my phone.

Rebecca: Getting off the sofa.

Candles: yay or nay? (if yay, what’s your favorite?)

Grace: Yay. I’m always burning a candle! Maison Louis Marie No. 4 is my current favorite. It smells so much like Le Labo Santal 26 at a much better price.

Rebecca: I love a nice candle, but usually forget to light them. Diptyque ones are my favorite because of the great fragrances and packaging.

Face masks: yay or nay?

Grace: Yay all the way! My all time favorite is the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask.

Bubble bath: yay or nay?

Grace: Yay! I actually love a good detox soak. My favorite is the turmeric one from Kaia Naturals.

Rebecca: Yay! I love a bath. I’m a big fan of Follain and their Dream Bath Elixir, Lavender Bath Salts, and Sugar & Shea Body Scrub.

Chores: yay or nay?

Grace: I secretly love vacuuming. I invested in the cordless Dyson V10 last year and it was an excellent purchase.

Rebecca: Nay! On my perfect night in I am definitely lazy.

Ideal bedtime?

Grace: 10 p.m. unless I’m binging a really good series and manage to stay up to 2 a.m.

Rebecca: 9 p.m.! I love to go to bed early, but even more so now that we have a baby who wants to be up very early.

Thanks for chatting with us, Grace and Rebecca!


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