7 Guitar Wall Hangers That’ll Show Off Your Instruments In Style

published Nov 19, 2021
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Whether you’re a music lover who has been playing guitar for years or someone who picked up the instrument during the pandemic, there’s one thing every player can agree on: Guitar storage can be a pain. Those with small spaces may find leaving their guitar propped on a stand impossible (not to mention dangerous), while avid players may find it annoying to pack up their trusty axe in a storage case day in and day out. The solution? A handy guitar wall hanger! Every small-space dweller knows that vertical storage is where it’s at; when you hang your guitar on the wall, you’re not only freeing up precious floor space and making your guitar more accessible, you’re also adding an eye-catching decor element. From industry favorites to a personal pick I’ve sworn by for years, check out the best guitar wall hangers below.

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For a simple yet elegant guitar wall hanger, Proline's Sold Wood hanger is a great choice. Designed with genuine hardwood for a chic, modern look, this hanger is expertly padded to securely cradle your instrument and features a rotating head that makes it suitable for a variety of instruments.

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While known for its wide array of top-of-the-line guitar stands, Hercules has become an industry favorite when it comes to guitar hangers, too, thanks to its innovative auto-grip designs. Easily mounted, each hanger features an auto-lock mechanism that securely grips your instrument for a hold you can trust.

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Another brand beloved for its wall hangers is Gator Frameworks. Effortlessly stylish, these wall hangers come in a host of wall plate finishes — including a sleek chrome and three wood options — allowing you to tailor your choice to your decor style. Personally, I love the idea of pairing the maple mount with a maple-necked guitar.

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For a Scandi vibe, this Wishwood hanger is a gorgeous choice. The unique shape and wood finish help it stand out, while its features (it comes with a genuine leather neck cushion for your axe, a storage notch for picks, and an integrated capo holder) make it a knockout.

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This hand-shaped guitar mount from Guitar Grips is probably the most stylish hanger on this list (and a personal favorite). I have been using these hangers for years now and love the look of the chic manicured hand jutting out of the wall. Each piece is handmade in Detroit, cast in a high-quality resin, sanded, cleaned, and painted using special lacquers to achieve a stunning look. But my favorite features have to be the protective elements: It has a cushioned insert (to shield the neck of your guitar) and a felt base (to save the wall from damage).

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Tired of keeping your guitar accessories at the base of your gig bag? Why not keep everything in one easy place with this handy shelf from Donner. With a padded guitar hanger, two nobs for cables and straps, a shelf for accessories, and a pick holder, creating your own guitar station has never been easier or looked better.

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If you're trying to organize your entire collection, you may just find this multiple guitar hanger from String Swing your best bet. With enough room for five instruments, this holder is a staple in shops all over and beloved for its durable construction, protective neck padding, and adjustable hangers that let you display your guitars left, right, and any angle in between.