This Clever Hack is a Pro Organizer’s Secret to Keeping Drawer Organizers From Sliding Around

published Nov 6, 2022
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Wooden utensil organizer inside drawer
Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn; Food Stylist: CC Buckley/Kitchn

I think it’s safe to say we all love a good life hack. If it has anything to do with keeping my home better organized, I get exceptionally excited about it. Because, as a professional organizer, I understand that when organizing methods are actually effective, they’re much more likely to stick. 

One of the keys to keeping any drawer tidy, or at the very least, tidier, is to place an organizer into it. Bathroom, kitchen, junk, and desk drawers will all benefit from adding either a few individual inserts or a tray with compartments. This way, you can sort the scissors from the Sharpies and the spoons from the spatulas. Drawer organizers not only help you find an item you need in seconds, but they can also provide a roadmap for where things should be returned. If multiple hands are in a drawer throughout the day, that alone becomes a reason you should invest in a few of them.

If you’ve already channeled your inner Marie Kondo and employed drawer organizers, you’ve probably noticed a slight, and reoccurring, issue. Regardless of whether you use or choose inserts made of acrylic, metal, or bamboo (my personal preference), they will slip and slide around inside the drawers.

So if you’re finding yourself dealing with this issue, or want to avoid it altogether, here’s the secret solution: get a hold of museum putty or museum gel

Once you decide on the placement of a drawer organizer, roll a very small amount of the putty or gel into a ball and attach it to a bottom corner. Repeat on the other three corners and then firmly place the organizer into the drawer, securing it down. If you change your mind about the layout, there’s no need to stress, as it’s not permanent. The tiniest bit of muscle will let you lift it so you can rearrange it. The rubber or silicone also won’t leave any damage to the surface area. For context, this stuff is reminiscent of what we used to use to affix boy band posters to our bedroom walls. (I know my fellow millennials can relate.)

I often opt for gel when using it for clear containers since it’s invisible and not as obvious. The putty, which usually cost less than the gel, will show up as white so it’s fine for opaque organizers. But, remember, it’s going underneath the container inside a drawer so it’s not such a big deal either way. 

The bottom line is that this will give your organizers some grip and hold them in place every single time you open or close the drawer. Annoyance: avoided.