15 Halloween Game Ideas to Try After You’ve Carved All the Pumpkins

published Aug 29, 2023
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3 little kids dressed up for hallowee and playing ring toss
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Are you tired of bobbing for apples and trying to figure out what squishy body part is hidden in a bag? Ditch those old-school Halloween games and try these ones on for size. They’re all family-friendly and ready to party with you and the kids. Or your friend’s kids. Or your nieces and nephews. Or, really, just anyone who loves a good Halloween game!

1. Pin the Brooch on Alexander

Forget Pin the Tail on the Donkey. In this game, blindfolded participants attempt to pin a fancy brooch onto a poster of the mystical vaudeville magician, Alexander.

2. Candy Corn Ring Toss

Orange safety cones are the perfect starting point to make larger-than-life candy corns. Get some glow necklaces to use as rings, label the candy corn cones with points, and take turns throwing glow necklace rings onto the cones. The highest score after five rounds wins.

Credit: gpointstudio for shutterstock

3. Plastic Spider Races

Bust out some plastic spiders and straws, and make a little race course across the top of a table. Whoever can push their spider through the course first — just by blowing on it through the straw — wins.

4. The Great Bake Down

Murder mystery dinners are only made more fun when the game is centered around dessert. The Great Bake Down combines a murder mystery game with a baking show theme, a la The Great British Bake Off.

5. Halloween Bingo

Like regular bingo, but with cute Halloween images? Yes, please. You decide the prize. 

6. Spider in My Spaghetti

Oh no, there’s a spider on your spaghetti! Can you pull all the spaghetti noodles out without dropping the spider into your meal? All you need is a colander, uncooked spaghetti, and a plastic spider.

7. Mummy Wrap

You know that wedding shower game where teams dress each other up in gowns made of toilet paper? This is just like that — except you dress each other up as mummies instead. 

8. Pumpkin Bowling

Pumpkin bowling is a great low-cost Halloween party game option. All you need is six to 10 rolls of paper towels and a couple of small pumpkins. Set up the paper towel rolls like pins and see how many everyone can knock down using the small pumpkins as bowling balls.

9. Ticket to Ride: Ghost Train

Who doesn’t love Ticket to Ride? In this Ghost Train version of the game, you create Halloween parade routes through a spooky town. There’s even a “trick-or-treat” bonus to earn for the longest route.

10. Stabbin’ Pumpkins

This game is fun, easy, and a little bit sneaky. Put out a pumpkin and a bunch of forks labeled with everyone’s name. As the day or night goes on, the goal is for everyone to stab the pumpkin with their fork without being noticed. If you get caught or you’re the last one to stab the pumpkin, you lose. 

11. The Hungry Ghost

How many tiny pumpkins can you get into the hungry ghost’s mouth? Use a foam core board to make a big ghost, cut out a mouth, and use it as your tossing target. 

12. Eyeball Hunt

In this game, participants must dig ooey-gooey eyeballs out of a big bowl of cooked spaghetti while blindfolded. The person who finds the most wins!

13. MonsDRAWsity

Monsters are on the loose — and you saw one! Can you be an expert witness and describe the monster you saw to someone else? In this game, players take turns describing the monster they saw (based on a card) to see who can sketch it the best.

14. Pumpkin Putts

It’s time for putting practice, but the target is a carved pumpkin. Get some kid-size golf clubs and ping pong balls, then carve a big mouth-shaped hole in a pumpkin. See if you can putt the ping pong balls into the pumpkin’s mouth.

15. Eyeball Dig

Perfect for a neighborhood block party, this game puts all the kids to work on a scavenger hunt for missing eyeballs. Tape images of eyes or giant googly eyes up around all the yards and see who finds the most.