Calling All Wizards and Warlocks: New Harry Potter Books Are Coming This Summer

updated May 31, 2019
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Amazing news for those who can’t get enough Harry Potter (is there such a thing?): four new Harry Potter reads will be coming to an online store near you this summer. But before you get too excited that we’re getting a new look at Hermione and Ron’s adult life together and the houseplants they do (or don’t) successfully keep alive (surely they’d get Neville’s help with that, though, right?), let us warn you that these are nonfiction books—but books, nonetheless.

Pottermore Publishing, J.K. Rowling’s digital wing of the Potter world, is releasing four new nonfiction eBooks themed around the curriculum from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So, if you never got your owl inviting you to your first year, you might finally get a chance at learning what you missed out on. The series of shorts follow different Hogwarts lessons and are called Harry Potter: A Journey Through…Divination and Astronomy, Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions and Herbology, and (Hagrid’s fave) Care of Magical Creatures.

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The books are adapted from “Harry Potter: A History of Magic,” which was released in 2017 and was based on the museum exhibition at the British Library and later at the New York-Historical Society Museum and Library. The book was then followed up by an expanded audiobook in 2018 and narrated by actress Natalie Dormer (who played fellow fantasy series character Margaery Tyrell on “Game of Thrones”), which featured expanded interviews with exhibit curators. Pottermore says that these new eBooks provide a chance for readers to “absorb the colorful characters and curious incidents of the real history of magic in a more compact form.”

This new series is an interesting move, especially considering that in 2016, another series of eBooks called “Pottermore Presents” frustrated fans, as the books seemed like compiled information that readers could’ve gotten for free on Pottermore without having to pay for in eBook form. They even led to the trending hashtag #JKRowlingIsOverParty.

But these “Journey Through…” books should offer plenty for Potter fans to obsess over. The exhibition combined 20-plus years of Harry Potter insight, including but not limited to the stone tombstone of Nicolas Flamel (yup, the Nicolas Flamel), letters between Rowling and her American editor, never-before-seen pages from early drafts, and a note from the daughter of the only publisher who took a chance on the series that reads, in her darling handwriting:

“The excitement in this book makes me feel warm inside. I think it is possibly one of the best books an 8/9 year old could read.”

The first pair of new eBooks “Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts” (ideally Lupin’s and not Umbridge’s syllabus) as well as “Potions and Herbology” are available to preorder now, both of which will be hitting Amazon UK, Amazon US, Apple and Kobo on June 27. The release dates for the other two will be announced later on.

It’s almost like summer school but way better.