The “Most Beautiful Dorm” at Harvard Gets Compared to Hogwarts

published Jul 24, 2023
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Harvard in the spring
Credit: Jorge Salcedo / Shutterstock

Abigail Mack, a student at Harvard, has revealed what the most beautiful dorm in Harvard looks like, and people love it so much they’re comparing it to Hogwarts.

In her video, Mack brings her audience to Claverly Hall, which was built in 1893 and is an undergraduate residence and part of Adams House, one of the 12 houses at Harvard. We first see a grand entryway with ornate decor and old wood before entering the building to gaze at an equally grand spiral staircase.

“I swear these staircases are modeled after Hogwarts,” she says. 

It’s a statement that’s not untrue, as Harvard was loosely based on Oxford, which also served as the inspiration for the popular wizarding school!

Moving along, we then see the actual dorm, and it is lovely. The space features its own fireplace with wall sconces, a curved alcove, lots of windows that let in natural light, and a view of the courtyard. The entire place is more spacious than most NYC apartments, to be honest. Elsewhere, the dorms have bathrooms with marble countertops, plus hallways with hidden reading nooks.

“I swear this is the most beautiful dorm I’ve seen at Harvard,” says Mack. “And I’ve seen almost all of them at this point.”

A lot of her followers in the comment section agreed and started wondering how much it would cost to stay there: “I don’t know if I have enough money to watch this,” someone joked.

“How much does this even cost?” another commenter asked, to which Mack replied, “Too much.”

There’s no information online about the cost of living in Claverly Hall, but accommodations at Harvard Law’s North Hall range from $14,680 to $19,234 for an entire academic year. Over at the Gropius Complex, the rates are between $8,038 and $13,248. In other words, living in a Hogwarts-like dorm isn’t cheap.

Still, with a dorm this beautiful, why did Rory Gilmore choose Yale over Harvard, anyway?