The Clever $32 Gadget That Will Eliminate This Common Laundry Problem

published Mar 31, 2023
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There are certain bad-luck occurrences that are perhaps most accurately described as minor inconveniences. But if you’ve ever experienced one of these first-hand, you know they have the power to ruin your entire day. Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but if you’ve ever accidentally dropped a freshly washed garment behind your dryer, you might be able to relate. I’m not counting the times when you lose a dirty sock or towel and feel annoyed over having to fish it out. No — there’s a special kind of revulsion that courses through your body when you retrieve a dirt-covered item of clothing after it just spent 40 minutes tumbling in the washer. Well, I have some great news: You never have to experience such disgust again thanks to this laundry room organizer we recently came across on Wayfair! It’s nothing short of amazing that such a simple tool can prevent such an irksome problem.

Although this product is labeled as an organizer, it’s arguably more fitting to call it a guard because that’s exactly what it does. The slim folding panel acts as a fence for your washer and dryer, creating a barrier in front of that void-like gap between the wall and appliances. It’s available in white and gray, and once you stack your detergents and other laundry accessories on top, you’ll barely even notice it’s there. The guard stays in place via strong magnets, so it won’t budge even if you happen to nudge it. Given its effectiveness, we’re not surprised that the gadget has hundreds of positive reviews on Wayfair’s site. “I only needed this for the washer, so I put the other part on the top of my fridge to keep items from falling off the back,” wrote one crafty reviewer. “So I got two uses out of purchasing one item.”

Additionally, the guard will keep your wardrobe staples from disappearing. Not too long ago, I moved the washer in my old home away from the wall to discover a bunch of items that had fallen behind, and I hadn’t even realized! So this product might even save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to replace fallen objects as often as you might otherwise. No matter what size your laundry appliances are, you’ll be able to easily fold the guard to fit your space. So grab your own now, and say goodbye to vanishing clothes and towels forever.