This Bath Towel Is So Plush That I’m Tempted to Lounge in It All Day

published Nov 8, 2021
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Since I haven’t been traveling as much, bringing little touches of luxury into my home has been a goal of mine. I’ve gotten nicer bed sheets, a comfy couch, a cozy armchair, and don’t even get me started on pillows! Rounding out an already-extensive list are my bath towels. Upgrading my bathroom linens has been an experience of trial and error, and I’ve found some great pieces along the way; I’ve even recommended a few to friends and family! However, one particularly marvelous find for plush towel lovers is Havly’s Seriously Black Classic Bath Towel.

Straight out of the package, it’s clear how soft and fluffy Havly bath towels are. If you’re the type to occasionally skip the pre-use towel wash, I don’t recommend passing over that step with these. Not only does the first wash help to prevent potential shedding (my dryer filter can attest to this), but the towels will be even softer when you use them for the first time. The Seriously Black Collection from Havly comprises their Classic Bath Towels, but with an all-black-on-black makeover. They’re available in two sizes: a large bath towel and a hand towel.

What I love about Havly’s bath towels are their size and luxurious feel. They aren’t as big as bath sheets, which can fill up a linen closet quickly, but definitely fall on the larger side of the bath towel spectrum. I could lounge around in one of these bath towels and pretend I’m on vacation right at home! Another feature of these towels is the built-in loop for easy hanging. Havly has an impressive variety of towel loops available for their Classic Bath Towels from solid white to rainbow. The Seriously Black loops are only available in black, but they’re made exactly the same way. What I like about Havly towel loops versus others I’ve had in the past is their width and quality. A lot of the time it seems like loops are tacked onto towels as an afterthought, but Havly’s feel like it’s part of the total package.

To take it a step further, Hang-Anywhere Hooks can be purchased along with Havly’s Classic Bath Towels. They’re a no-drill option for towel-hanging, using vacuum suction to make it possible to put these hooks on just about any smooth surface! Between the hooks and the loop-ready towels themselves, Havly has all you need to build up a hotel-quality collection of linens — just in time for the holidays.