This Unexpectedly Stylish Storage Solution Is Usually Found in a Barn

published Jun 2, 2023
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Grand champion Herford steer and a red barn on a century farm just outside of Jefferson, Oregon. Daffodils are blooming.
Credit: Bob Pool / Shutterstock

When one couple needed a bin to store blankets, they found one not at Walmart or Costco, but someplace else: their barn.

TikTok user @nikkionthefarm, a farmer who documents her daily life with her boyfriend in the countryside, has come up with an unconventional storage solution involving their cow’s hay rack. 

In her recent post, she shows the hay rack hung in the corner of their living room, just above the sofa. According to the content creator, the makeshift bin works because you can pull out a blanket from any angle, and once you’re done with it, just toss it back inside. No need to fold and organize the throws every time you chill on the couch.

The idea is so ingenious that others said that they’re now planning to check their barns for an extra hay rack they could use. Others also noted that the hack has other applications, such as serving as storage for children’s toys.

A few things to remember, though. Make sure the hay rack is securely installed into studs or using anchors, as blankets can get heavy and pulling on them could possibly bring the entire bin down from the wall. Also, regularly wash your blankets to avoid them from becoming a spider’s nest.

For those who live in the city and don’t have a barn, you can find hay racks at Tractor Supply and Fleet Farm, as well on Amazon. Just make sure that the hay rack is the right size (meaning it’s for cows and horses, and not small ones for rabbits and guinea pigs).

Yeehaw? Yeehaw!