These $9 Organizers Make My Tiny Apartment So Much Tidier

published Feb 14, 2022
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Living in a small apartment, I’m always on the hunt for new organizational tools to declutter my space — and since they come in options ranging from under-shelf gadgets to over-the-door storage, I can afford to wait until I find the perfect solution. I need items that match my decor, are easy to maneuver and store, and are versatile enough for any number of uses. Oh, and I don’t want to break the bank when it’s time to check out. So when I came across these storage crates from the HAY Colour Crate Collection, I immediately started to fill my cart. Here’s why.

The storage crates are a stylish upgrade to the classic milk crates we saw in the grade school lunch line. They come in a variety of beautiful hues to complement any room’s color scheme, from Soft Pink and Plum to Arctic Blue and Terracotta. My apartment is fairly neutral, and these crates give my space a nice pop of color. They come in three sizes, and (if you’re as indecisive as I am) you can buy a set that includes a curated selection of sizes and colors that go great together.

Credit: Allison Arnold

I decided on four small and two medium storage crates. They arrive collapsed but were simple to assemble: You simply lift the sides and snap them together at the corners. I was instantly obsessed. The small size is perfect for anything from pens and pencils and electronics cords to toiletries and the day’s mail. The medium is great for holding magazines, books, and dog toys. And they even stack neatly on top of each other! While I haven’t purchased a large crate yet, it’s on my list. I think it will be perfect for large linens and storing my collection of records.

Credit: Allison Arnold

Unlike a typical milk crate, these are easy to tuck away when not in use (not that that’s going to happen anytime soon). The sturdy storage crates are made out of polypropylene with a ventilated design on the sides, so they’re so much easier to clean than fabric bins. If they do need a wash, you can wipe them down with a damp cloth or a mixture of water and neutral detergent.

Credit: Allison Arnold

I can’t wait to grab more of these colorful wonders to tidy up my apartment. They’re sturdy, washable, and stylish — and very easy on the wallet. Anything that gets me excited about organization and looks this good is a must in my book.

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