I Can Always Use a Good Bin, and This Fan Favorite Is Now My Permanent Go-To

published Aug 18, 2023
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closet with clothes hanging, extra hangers, and stacked HDX Tough Large Storage Totes
Credit: Charli Penn

I am a self-proclaimed bin queen. Because I’m super sentimental, I tend to hold on to a lot more personal items than our smaller closets can fit and therefore rely on bin storage to save the day. My relationship with said bins has been rocky at times: I’ve lost precious items to flood water because the bin wasn’t “waterproof” or “airtight” as promised. I’ve had hilarious wrestling matches with bin lids that have warped over time and no longer stay put. I’ve even had to replace fragile holiday ornaments that broke because a set of bins wasn’t actually “stackable” and one fell off the top of the pile.

Quick Overview

The HDX Tough Storage Tote Is a Great Overall Choice for Household Storage

For items you need to stash, the HDX Tough Storage Tote is the real deal. It offers waterproof storage, and the snap-fit lid secures your valuables inside. It’s stackable, nestable, and sturdy, which makes it ideal for tucking it away in a closet or garage.

I think I’ve just about test-driven every common type of storage bin you can find. A few years ago, I finally found the true leader of the pack: the HDX 27 Gallon Tough Storage Tote with Lid, which just won top honors as the Best Large Storage Bin in Apartment Therapy’s first-ever Organization Awards. I’ll never go back to basic bins again. Here’s why.

Why the HDX Tough Storage Large Tote Works

This tote delivered on every single promise it makes. It’s heavy-duty, so it can be used to store practically anything (big, small, or heavy) that needs safekeeping. It can hold up to 75 pounds, which I put to the test when we moved our lifetime book collection from our apartment to our first home.

In the past, our books were always too heavy for most bins to hold well without warping or being difficult to carry. The tote includes a black base made from durable recycled polypropylene and a yellow reinforced snap-fit lid that’s so secure you need to give it a good tug to remove it when the time comes. I love knowing that it’s not going to slip off and let whatever’s inside get damaged.

It’s the Perfect General-Purpose Tote for Your Home

These totes are unbelievably versatile and accessible. I typically pick them up at my local Home Depot, but they’re easy to buy online too. I use them to store holiday decor in our garage and hall closet; keep childhood and college keepsakes safe in our attic crawl space; and house bulky sweater, shoe, and bedding closet overflow in between seasons. Plus, my print-and-stick labels attach well to the bin’s surface and stay put, so it’s easy to keep track of what’s stored in each bin and where. 

They’re Affordable

That’s a lot of helpful function for a very affordable price, given the large capacity of a single bin. I’ve spent more on a bin with way less to offer in the past. 

If you’re ready to get a little more organized or just have more stuff than space in your home, these no-fail bins are a great and easy starting point. Using them will provide instant satisfaction and a safe home for your belongings for the long haul. As far as general purpose heavy-duty totes go, this model cannot and will not disappoint.

Credit: Charli Penn

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