This $26 Amazon Find Makes Family Road Trips More Organized and Enjoyable

published May 28, 2023
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Excited family on a road trip in car, rear passenger POV
Credit: monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Last month, my family of four and our dog returned from a lengthy family road trip. We went to visit my kids’ great-great-grandmother and explore a national park. It was a 60-plus-hours-long adventure on the road.

At first, I had mixed emotions about the trip. I was excited to see family we hadn’t seen in a while and meet some relatives for the first time. But I was also stressed about how much time we would spend traveling. Like any other trip, I had to research travel hacks, pack, and think through items I needed to purchase ahead of time. Car organization was top of mind for me. With as much time as we would be crammed together on the road, I knew I needed to be smart about how to keep us organized.

I had to think through activities for entertainment and be smart about organizing our space. We didn’t have a large area to work with, either (a Jeep Wrangler), and the last thing I wanted was all of us constantly tripping over items on the floor and being unable to find what we needed easily.

Before leaving, I made it a point to check online tips for families traveling with kids. Many articles detailed ideas for games and activities to keep the kids happy. But I also uncovered an excellent organizational find for the car. It’s called a backseat organizer, and it holds “all the things” you need while away from home.

The one I found that worked wonderfully for our trip is this backseat organizer from Amazon for under $30. For the price, I received not just one but two organizers, which is ideal for my two kids who have their own stuff. The functionality is on-point, and the quality is outstanding.

For our trip, there was no problem keeping my kids’ stuff organized. They loved the number of pockets, and there was a clear pocket to hold their Amazon Fire tablets in place so they didn’t have to keep them on their lap. There was space to store their water bottle, sunglasses, and tissues if needed. There are also plenty of compartments to hold extra toys, headphones, and snacks to keep them entertained and comforted. 

Credit: Allison Ditmer

The best part is everything was kept tidy without being all over the floor and scattered through the backseat. I don’t know how I’ve been traveling with kids this whole time without these backseat organizers. Now, they are a staple in our car.