This Woman Found a Trap Door in Her Home, and TikTok Is Terrified

published Jul 4, 2023
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How well do you actually know your home? It’s a question that’s been on plenty of TikTok users’ minds ever since life coach Julia Henning’s discovery of a secret trap door in the Los Angeles house she’s lived in for three years went viral.

Henning first discovered the door in the process of converting her coat closet into a recording booth. As she explained to her followers, upon opening the door, she discovered a rickety staircase leading to a dark crawl space beneath the house.

As Henning put it in a video update: “Can you imagine that I say hello and then something literally says hello back?”

She continued: “I am not a vlogger, so I am not willing, on a Tuesday morning, to put my life at risk for your entertainment. But stay tuned, ‘cause we’re gonna crack this mystery.”

Henning quickly hired a medium, who didn’t feel comfortable going down into the space, but added that the energy emanating from the space wasn’t “dark” or “evil.” Later, Henning said her medium concluded that the house is “definitely inhabited.”

Finally, the TikToker decided to check things out for herself … and was freaked out after she found an unidentifiable symbol and the names “Joe” and “John” spray-painted on one of the walls. But hey, at least the space has wine storage!

Still, Henning reported strange things happening throughout the week after she opened the trap door, such as the house alarm mysteriously going off around 3 a.m. several nights in a row. Some viewers took this series of events as proof that she should treat the situation as a horror movie, and do away with whatever “energy” is in the house immediately.

“I’ve seen this movie!!” one TikToker wrote. “DO NOT GO IN THERE!”

Others weren’t so convinced.

In the words of another commenter: “She’s calling the Ghostbusters for some stairs.”