This Easy “One-and-Done” Method Is a Super Stylish Way to Hide Your TV

published May 15, 2024
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Credit: Tim Hargett

While TVs often form the centerpiece of a living room, that’s not always the case. Some people set up a living room without a TV and either add a screen to another room or shun them altogether. While both choices are valid, sometimes you want a TV in your living room — but you don’t want it visible all the time.

In my case, there was a time when I used a wheeled cabinet to move my TV in and out of the living room — definitely not the easiest option! Luckily, there’s an easier — and more elegant — DIY trick you can use to hide your TV. 

TikTok creator Charlotte Coleman (@wiltshirewonderland) showed us how she hides her TV away using nothing but some wood strips and a couple of large picture frames. 

As she demonstrates, you can use wood strips cut to the same size as your picture frames to attach hinges. Then add the large picture frames (featuring any paintings or prints of your choice) and close them over the TV when you want it out of sight!

Of course, this hack takes a little bit of elbow grease and you need to keep some things in mind. You need to measure the depth of your TV before you go out to buy your wood (it has to be thicker than the TV), and you also have to have picture frames that size up perfectly against each other and look good right next to each other. You also need to make sure your screws can support the wood strips as well as the weight of your picture frames. Not keeping the little things in mind could result in damage to your wall or to your TV. 

All said and done, though, this is an easy way to hide your TV with a quick one-and-done hack. Plus, it’ll make for a great reveal to guests!