This TikToker’s Tiny DIY Decor Creates a “Wow” Moment in a Surprising Spot

published Jan 10, 2024
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stainless door mortised hinge on a white door
Credit: Vladeep / Shutterstock

Is there anything more fun than adding personality and flair to an overlooked part of your home? Colby, an artist and content creator on TikTok, found an extremely cute way to dress up something you’ve probably never given much thought to: door hinges (specifically, hinge heads).  

What exactly are hinge heads? They’re miniature items that add decorative flair by magnetically fitting on the top (and even bottom) of door hinges. They’re renter-friendly, as the accessories are easy to install and remove. In addition, the hinge heads can become collector’s items too, as each one is typically handcrafted by local artists.

In a TikTok, Colby shares how she recently discovered the adorable trinkets and how she made mushroom designs using hot glue, paint, and a magnet button for the base.

The result of her work instantly adds a touch of cuteness to an unexpected spot, making her smile every time she passes the doorway. “Every time you walk by, you get a little hit of dopamine!” she said.

Her followers couldn’t agree more. “The way I RAN to check that my hinges are magnetic!! Never seen anything like this and I love it,” a comment reads.

Another added: “I love the idea of art as leaving little treats for yourself around your house,” while someone else commented, “I never knew how much I needed one in my life.”

Others also gave great suggestions. “The way I want to make these and place them in my friends’ houses secretly,” someone said, while another user floated the idea of making “some mini trees so the hinge makes up the trunk with dangly roots off the bottom and tops up top.”

Unfortunately, hinge heads are hard to buy, as they’re not available on places like Etsy and Amazon. So what Colby suggests is to buy tree elves, which are tiny resin sculptures that could also fit atop your door hinge.

For those who want something different, Colby has also posted a more in-depth tutorial on how to make her mushroom door hinges.