I Tried the Shower Squeegee with 69K Positive Reviews (and They’re All True!)

published Apr 18, 2024
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Cute bathroom with clean glass shower door, with cleaning supplies in shower
Credit: Photo: Sarah Crowley; Location: Publishing House, Chicago

If, like me, you have a glass shower door and like to keep it pristine, you probably keep a reliable squeegee handy to help you clean it regularly. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with shower squeegees over the years — I find one I think I’ll love, then I put it to use and quickly discover that it’s either not very effective or of poor quality. While I love the ease of use a good squeegee should provide, I hadn’t found one worth raving about — until now. 

Quick Overview

Why Is The Hiware Shower Squeegee So Popular?

The Hiware All-Purpose Shower Squeegee is a fan favorite on Amazon, where the top-rated bathroom cleaning tool has amassed almost 70,000 positive reviews. Buyers love how easy it is to use, its quality and style.

For Apartment Therapy’s 2024 Cleaning Awards, we road tested the most beloved cleaning products around and I got a chance to test one of the most popular squeegees on Amazon — the Hiware All-Purpose Squeegee, which has almost 70,000 positive reviews and counting. It won the “Best Shower Squeegee” award, and for good reason.

Fans call it a “real squeegee” that’s a total “game-changer” because it makes “cleaning the shower so easy” and the results are “sparkling clean.” I couldn’t wait to give it a go, and after using it to clean my entire bathroom, from the mirrors to the shower tiles, everything people are saying about this squeegee is true (spoiler alert). 

What Do Fans Love About the Hiware All-Purpose Squeegee?

It’s a great overall buy with lots of great functionality. You can purchase the Hiware All-Purpose Shower Squeegee for just $10, but fans like me love it because it’s made of a heavy-duty stainless steel that’s very durable. This squeegee features a 10-inch blade that helps me cover a lot of ground when I’m cleaning my bathroom. I’ve used it to clean my mirrors, windows, tiles, and shower door, and they really do sparkle afterward.

It’s Easy to Use

Even though its heavy-duty blade is tough enough to take on limescale and soap scum, the Hiware Squeegee is light and easy to hold and use, thanks to an ergonomic handle and smart overall design. With very little work, it helps me pull off a streak-free cleaning job in minutes. Plus, the blade really holds up while you clean with it, no matter what type of cleaning product you pair it with.

It’s Easy to Store

The Hiware All-Purpose Squeegee comes with a set of waterproof hooks that make it super easy to store and display near your shower. And trust me, you won’t mind having it on display, even in a tiny bathroom. The squeegee comes in four trendy styles — silver, brass, bronze, and black — that will instantly complement any bathroom decor.

It’s Multipurpose

Fans say they’ve found ways to use this squeegee all over their homes. While this is now my go-to bathroom cleaning tool, and a perfect complement to my favorite electric scrubber, I have explored using it outside of the bathroom too. I was so impressed with the streak-free clean it gives glass, and the low price point, that I bought a second one to use on our car windows. And, surprise, surprise: It’s going just as well. 

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Buy: Hiware All-Purpose Shower Squeegee, $14.73