The $14 Tool That Keeps Showers Sparkling Clean (Even the Tough Corners!)

published Sep 15, 2021
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Pretty, clean shower featuring showerhead

Does a limit exist when it comes to highly effective methods of bathroom cleaning? I always keep an ear to the ground for tips, tricks, and tools to make cleaning more efficient and fun. My bathroom shower ranks high on my list of areas at home that I’d love to wave a magic wand to clean up, but maybe this popular find on Amazon is the next best thing. Shoppers have been raving about the HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee, and if what they say is true, I need to add it to my cart right now!

For many shoppers looking for squeegees, the HIWARE shower squeegee was a winning buy after many unsuccessful purchases. Comparable options were leaving streaks and water spots, falling apart, or simply weren’t convenient to use. The lightweight HIWARE squeegee is made to hang inside the shower, wet or dry, to make cleaning easy and efficient. “I have been looking for a good squeegee and I finally found this one after my fourth try,” said an Amazon customer. “My main purpose is to clean my shower door after my shower.” Though they opted out of mounting the squeegee with its included hook, the tool still out-performed the other squeegees they tried before. “The water on my shower door can be wiped down easily whereas others can’t. All corners can be cleaned, and the squeegee is level. Others I have tried either can’t clean the left side, right side, or the middle.”

The all-purpose squeegee comes in three sizes, and while the 12-inch and 14-inch have their own merits, the squeegee with the 10-inch rubber blade seems to be the favorite by far. “We just moved and our stand in shower needed this,” one review states. “There were so many options, I’m glad I went with this one. It actually works well and is made well. It’s been up for three months, and gets used daily. I thought it would be cheap and fall apart like most things, but it’s sturdy! Pretty simple. Great product.” 

Though it works well on most, certain shower finishes may affect the hold of the wall-mounting adhesive that’s used for the squeegee hook. For some, the pad may need to be replaced after a few months, and for others, it’s held firm. “Love having this in my shower!”  The adhesive is SUPER strong, especially considering it lives in a shower! It cleans the doors perfectly!” The squeegee isn’t called “all-purpose” for nothing. One shopper even bought two — one for the shower and one for their truck windows — and reported that it worked well on both. The squeegee can also be used for kitchens, patios, mirrors, and more.

Available in black, brass, bronze, and silver, the HIWARE squeegee blends into your bathroom aesthetic, no matter the color scheme. “We got this squeegee for our new glass shower doors, and it is a perfect match of the dark bronze finish,” said a pleased buyer. “We set it below our shelves to tuck it out of the way. It cleans off the glass easily and looks good!” If you’ve been looking for a tool that’s confirmed to get your shower squeaky clean, look no further. With over 39,000 reviews and counting, this squeegee is surefire hit!

Buy: HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee, $13.99 (originally $20.00)