These TikTokers Built an Actual Tiny House Inside a Home Depot

published Jun 29, 2023
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As Home Depot’s catchy advertising reminds fans, “Doers get more done.” Two TikTokers have taken that slogan to a whole new level — they purchased supplies to build a “home,” and then proceeded to put it all together inside their local Home Depot.

Content creators the Cheeky Boyos are known for trying wild stuff their fans and followers ask them to do, such as sneaking a homemade framed painting into a museum and putting it up for display. So when a commenter asked them to “build a house inside of Home Depot,” the pair bought everything they might need to get the job done, including a saw, a nail gun, wood, and door hinges.

They detailed the process of sawing the wood and constructing an entire mini house in the aisles of the store, jokingly (and appropriately) asking, “Why is no one trying to stop us?”

One of the amateur builders even got inside the mini house, walking around the store and bumping into things, much to the chagrin of the poor unassuming employees, who were undoubtedly wondering what on earth was going on.

An employee at the register reminded them that it’s “really really dangerous to do that,” while an employee at the exit asked them to “come out of there.” The duo showed their receipt to prove that they did, in fact, pay for everything they used. The employee wondered how they got into the store with the house constructed. When they explained they built it in the store, they added, “No one really said you can do it, but no one really said you can’t do it. But … maybe you can put up a sign or something.”

In a follow-up video, the pair returned to the scene of the crime, where there is now an official “NO BUILDING” sign posted. All jokes aside, in the comments section, they wrote: “Absolutely no hate towards this Home Depot, they’re just doing their job and were super nice about it :).”

Of course, it goes without saying that retail employees deal with enough nonsense every single day, and the vast majority likely don’t get paid enough for dealing with said nonsense. So while this made for a hilariously weird viral moment, please don’t try anything like this in your local home improvement store. You should always strive to be the kind, respectful customer — not the one who inspires a corporate team safety meeting.