3 Things You Shouldn’t Have in Your Home, According to a Pro Cleaner

published Nov 30, 2023
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Modern farmhouse kitchen in white and natural wood counter
Credit: Sheila Say / Shutterstock

All home features are made equal … except the ones that require more cleaning. And in case you’re wondering which features those are, you’re in luck. Leaders Cleaning, a New Zealand-based cleaning service, shared a TikTok of the three features they would not want in their home based on their experience as professionals.

These designs look beautiful, so if you have them (or have your eyes on them), don’t let these opinions stop you! But if your goal is to clean less (do less, please!), you may want to rethink adding them to your home.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile can add visual interest to any wall, floor, or countertop. Step into any room with this design element, and you’ll instantly be allured by its beautiful patterns and colors.

The disadvantage is that it is, indeed, difficult to clean. The porous surface of grout is hard to scrub and wash, and mosaic tiles have far more grout lines than large tiles. “Just 100 times more grout to clean,” said Leaders Cleaning in their video.

As an alternative, Leaders Cleaning suggests choosing larger tiles that are just as eye-catching but less time-consuming to maintain. Your knees and lower back will appreciate it!

High-Gloss Floor Finish

A high-gloss floor finish will make entire spaces look clean, provided that the material itself is pristinely clean — which, it turns out, is frustrating to achieve.

According to Leaders Cleaning, you’ll have to redo wiping it down over and over, as the surface is sensitive to small imperfections like footprints and mop streaks.

In addition, the material’s sophisticated aesthetic can be ruined easily. A crack, chip, or peel will show, and retouching the damaged area isn’t possible without having to fix the whole surface. It’s no wonder the pros at Leaders Cleaning don’t want it in their own homes.

Clear Glass Hanging Lights

Similar to high-gloss finishes, clear glass hanging lights are stunning, but high-maintenance. Leaders Cleaning pointed out: “Some designs look great! However, dust and [fly] poop [are] more visible and at the same time more delicate to clean and prone to streaks.”

Also, because the fixtures are up near the ceiling, it will be a pain to always have to stand on a stool or ladder to clean the bulbs that you’ve just cleaned recently.

The post’s comments section agreed with the advice, emphasizing never to install glass pendants — especially in the kitchen. “I have the clear glass above my kitchen island, and all I do is clean them every day,” said a commenter.