This Is the Home Fragrance You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Spring, According to Experts

published Mar 26, 2023
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There’s nothing quite like walking into a home that smells good, especially if it’s your home.

Fragrance is one of the first impressions people get from their surroundings, and a home that smells clean, fresh, and inviting will put anyone at ease — whether it’s just you coming home from a long day at work, or a guest coming over for dinner. Fragrance preferences are highly unique, and with spring around the corner, it’s a perfect time to explore a new scent for your home.

Leila Bozorgi, Nordstrom counter manager for Jo Malone London in Bethesda, Maryland touts the popularity of floral scents this time of year, which is of course to be expected. But what she says sets a floral scent apart — and what you should be on the lookout for when filling your home with aromas this spring — is the mixture of top notes and base notes. This can take a flowery fragrance from playful and fun-loving to fresh and clean. The scent combination that Borzogi raves about is a blend of white pepper, silk blossom, and moss. 

Credit: Jason Rampe

Silk Blossom is a [Jo Malone]  limited-edition room diffuser. I opened my bottle a few nights ago, and it’s just beautiful,” Borzogi gushes.

Inspired by silk tree blossoms, this reed diffuser scent is balanced out nicely by the spice from the white pepper and the earthiness of the moss, which keeps the fragrance from being overwhelmingly floral. “The scent is light and clean, and you can smell all of the different notes at the same time. You can smell the blossoms, of course, but you’ll pick up other things, too. The combination is like tea leaves,” Borzogi said.

This mixture of floral, spicy, and mossy can lift the mood in your space, while also creating a sense of ease. “I live in a one-bedroom apartment, and as soon as you step inside, the scent is really relaxing,” Borzogi explains. “As I’m sitting on my couch, even if I’m not in a good mood, the scent comes in and I’m instantly calm.”

While florals for spring may not exactly be groundbreaking (thank you, Miranda Priestly), scents that give you the feeling of being in nature are always popular, especially as you shake off winter to embrace a new season that beckons you to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. “In the winter, we often reach for more ambery or spicier fragrances,” founder and CEO of Dossier, Sergio Tache, shares. “But when the weather starts to warm, it’s time to break out the soft florals and fresh aromatic scents.” 

Credit: Erin Derby

Tache recommends reaching for fragrances that give you the same exciting feeling as the beginning of the season does. “The star ingredients of this spring rebirth are all those that express this feeling of blossoming: green vegetal notes, fresh aromatic tones, and delicate petal flowers like peony, fresh roses, magnolia, violet, honeysuckle, and lily of the valley, to name only a few of them,” he explains.

Dossier’s mission is to make luxury fragrance accessible to everyone, and the brand’s popular spring scents are very similar to their much more expensive counterparts. Floral Honeysuckle, for example, is a gorgeous mix of green leaves, orange, honeysuckle and jasmine that is inspired by Gucci’s Bloom.

If florals are not your thing, or if you prefer scents that are a bit more masculine, Noelle Marois, associate vice president of product and fragrance development at Bath and Body Works suggests easing your home into the season with palo santo and sage. “Palo Santo & Sage is a great transitional fragrance if you aren’t quite ready for spring-forward fragrances but are still looking to give your home a refresh,” she says. “This earthy and woody fragrance blends notes of clary sage, palo santo, and ambered woods.”

Another surprising spring fragrance Bath and Body Works offers combines a soft floral with the richness of caramel coffee. “We are loving our new Pink Lavender & Espresso candle!” Marois shares. “This fragrance offers an unexpected pairing of rich pink lavender and caramel espresso beans that makes for the perfect cozy and addicting scent.”

There truly is a fragrance for everyone this time of year, no matter where your preferences lie. As you’re spritzing and exploring, keep in mind how it makes you feel and what it reminds you of. Be on the lookout for well-balanced florals (with a touch of spice and earth!) that lift your mood, inspire picnics in the park, a vase of tulips on the kitchen table, and fresh air coming through open windows. It is spring, after all!