What Sagittarius Season Means for Your Home (and Your Zodiac Sign)

published Dec 7, 2019
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Credit: Kath Nash

Bring it on home to the hearth: After the wild expansions and rolled-down windows of November, December carries us back to the family room, complete with cocoa cups and leather recliners. It’s a month for eternal returns and final releases, as we close out a cycle in stellar style, laying claim to the maturity we’ve hard-earned through experience. 

The charge is led by a mashup of Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aries energies, and this trio is an honest bunch who asks the big questions and is ready to answer them. What would you brave your body to save in the fire? What material matter really matters? And what grooved patterns are ready to finally grind to a halt? 

With Chiron stationing direct in Aries, Venus entering the cool-headed starscapes of Aquarius, and the cosmos rolling toward the December 26th Capricorn solar eclipse, this is legacy work that carries us far beneath the baseboards and into the foundation of our very souls. It’s time to harness time itself, letting the cold fact that none of this will last liberate our capacity to take a stand for what counts. 

So settle in to your domain, and savor the best that comes at long last. Even if you’re an apartment renter, you truly have the right to own it all.

Credit: Kath Nash

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

In the Stars: You have the right to renewal, Sag. You have the right to love again and again. December is your month to come back from whatever underworld you’ve been inhabiting, armed with fresh flowers and a wide open heart. 

In Your Space: Turn your former grays technicolor with rainbow palettes, embroidered pillows, and a storybook aesthetic to remind you that true romance is possible right here on earth. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

In the Stars: There is solid ground beneath your feet right now that no one and nothing can take from you, Cappy. December is the month to seal your windows and stake your claim, trusting in the inherent stability of soul-shaped ownership. 

In Your Space: Get rock solid and serene with monochrome color palettes, marble accents, and lockboxes for your most treasured, private possessions. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

In the Stars: What does sustainability mean to you Aquarius? And what’s no longer appropriate to haul for the long haul? December beckons you into final clean out mode, as you put out too-small fires and liberate your eternal flame. 

In Your Space: Get lean and essential in your space, embracing storage units and drawer organizers, and finally tossing duplicates in favor of singularity. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Pisces & Pisces Rising

In the Stars: You are changing, dear Pisces; when’s the last time you celebrated your new cells? Treat your life like a threshold crossing this December, letting even the tiniest transformative triumphs become cause to send out the party invites. 

In Your Space: Turn part of your space into a mini throne, whether it’s a tricked out bathtub of candles and petals, or a four-poster bed that’s fit for reigning over your own plush carpets. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Aries & Aries Rising

In the Stars: December marks a turning point in your usual all-or-nothing style of change, Aries. How can you make like a plant this month, exfoliating organically instead of uprooting your whole life because of one dead leaf? 

In Your Space: Embrace the aesthetic medicine of subtle shifts in your space, playing with window box herb gardens, prisms, and wind chimes that dance with casual change. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Taurus & Taurus Rising

In the Stars: December is a magic month for summoning your faith in what you cannot see, Taurus. Let your penchant for the right here-right now tangible transform into a passion for partnering with a higher plan. 

In Your Space: Let your space become an altar to expanded consciousness, complete with carefully arranged vanity tables, framed photos, and healing crystals fit for daily acts of devotion. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Gemini & Gemini Rising

In the Stars: December marks a monumental departure from the habitual, Gemstone, as you consider the shelters that may be starting to stifle your growth. Explore the “other side” of things, pushing yourself beyond the confines of comfort and towards the maturity of choice. 

In Your Space: Examine any lazy, overly lived-in pieces that are actually ready to be purged, as you free yourself from the outworn in favor of a furniture upgrade. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Cancer & Cancer Rising

In the Stars: What long-suffering position can you rescue yourself from right now, Cancer? December offers you the rich gold opportunity to break the shackles and simply decide that you won’t place yourself in harm’s way any more. 

In Your Space: Assert your right to the driver’s seat, and keep things moving by oiling creaky doors, replacing stuck drawers with graceful gliders, and letting your window panes be free from grimy pain. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Leo & Leo Rising

In the Stars: It takes two to make a thing go right, Leo, and in December, that other half is actually a precious part of your own sweet self. Consider a forgotten bit of your fierce fire that wants to come in from the cold and back into your living quarters. 

In Your Space: Treat your space like a hothouse jungle, letting tropical palettes and tiki lights be the foil for whatever frightful weather might be happening outside. 

Credit: Kath Nash

Virgo & Virgo Rising

In the Stars: December is built for bringing out your witchiness, Virgo, as you embrace more mystery and wander deeper into your own woods. Forgo the impulse to leave a bread crumb trail and consider the magic that comes when you let yourself get a little bit lost. 

In Your Space: Celebrate the useful beauty of darkness, with candelabra light, high-backed chairs, den spaces, and gauzy drapes.

Credit: Kath Nash

Libra & Libra Rising

In the Stars: Consider the radical possibilities of complete and utter groundlessness this December, Libra. What could you do if you wiped the slate of all preconceived pain? Who could you become in a land without labels? 

In Your Space: Let your space become the launchpad for this limitless landscape by clearing design static, swapping busy aesthetics and crowded messaging for lean and clean modern minimalism

Credit: Kath Nash

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

In the Stars: December continues your journey into deeper self-worthiness, as you learn to transform the way you view a part of your nature. Something you think must be exorcised or kept on the lockdown is actually a hidden resource longing to be brought to light.  

In Your Space: Let the concept of exposure become your guiding design principle, as you shift from carefully curated, guest-ready gloss, to a messier, more alive aesthetic that bears your personal stamp.