These Are the Top 5 Home Trends for 2022, According to Etsy

published Apr 5, 2022
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If you’re at all into home trends, well, then you probably know that now’s the time brands and tastemakers really start doubling down on what they’ll be leaning into for the rest of the year. Take online marketplace and maker haven, Etsy, for example. Their in-house trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, just released the company’s home decor predictions for 2022, and you just might be surprised by some of trends unfolding on their search-backed list.

The 10-second overview? “Gone are the days of cookie-cutter, all-white ‘perfect’ homes; today’s shoppers are looking to decorate in ways that truly reflect their personal taste and values, leaning into all things layered, cozy, and inviting,” says Johnson. “Warm tones like camel, taupe, and chocolate brown are becoming our new naturals, while the mixing and matching of retro items with contemporary pieces — dubbed “newstalgia” — comforts us with memories of the past while grounding us in the present.”

Those of you looking for a deeper dive into the data are in luck. Here you’ll find details on the latest and greatest Etsy trends and a shoppable pick that falls under each, so you can bring these looks home, whether you’re looking for a spring refresh or just want to change things up as you ready yourself for entertaining again. 

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Over-the-top texture

“After so much social distancing, many of us are craving all things tactile and embracing texture in our homes,” says Johnson. Queries for bouclé are up 83 percent, with shoppers honing in on chairs, sofas, ottomans, and even ball pillows, like what you see here at the top left of this Etsy product collage.

These feels aren’t just confined to upholstery, though. Searches for “tufted art” are up 172 percent year over year, and there’s been a 38 percent increase in “ribbed and fluted glassware” searches. “Paper lanterns and lampshades” are on the rise to the tune of 23 percent. Mixing and matching all different kinds of textures will give you the most visual — and tactile — variety.

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Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Grown-up gradients

If you thought ombré and dip dye motifs had fallen entirely out of favor, think again. 2020’s obsession with tye-dye has evolved into a slightly more nuanced, almost watercolor-esque like blending of pigments across all kinds of home decor products for 2022, from wallpaper to candles and beyond. Another outgrowth of this evolution? The resurgence in popularity of aura photography. In fact, the vibes are strong with this one; searches for “aura art” are up 192 percent in the last three months compared to the same time frame last year. 

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Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Statement mirrors

AT wrote about the Sottsass mirror taking over the decorating world back in 2019. Shortly thereafter, we also touched on the rise of gilded ornate picture frame style designs (I’m looking at you, Anthropologie’s Primrose Mirror), as well as the frameless, puddle-like looking glass trend happening with brands like Glare Goods and Ferm Living. According to Johnson, the Etsy data says statement mirrors are here to stay. “We’ve seen a 203 percent increase in searches for ‘funky mirrors,’ a 127 percent increase in searches for ‘asymmetrical mirrors,’ and a 107 percent increase in searches for ‘tufted or punch needle mirrors’ in the past three months, again compared to the same period in 2021.”

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Mood-boosting accents

After the last couple of pandemic years, it’s no real surprise that joy-inducing decorative accessories and furnishings are still having their time in the sun. Serious is out, and silly is in, but you can determine exactly what that means for you, which is the beauty of this mood-boosting trend. For a lot of people though, nostalgia is what’s fueling their happy at home. To that end, searches for “retro or nostalgic 90s items” are up a staggering 729 percent, while “pastel decor” is seeing a more modest bump at 73 percent, again In the last three months compared to the same time the previous year. Rounding out this feel-good trifecta is “bright abstract art,” which is up 60 percent.

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Travel-inspired motifs

Finally, as the world opens up again, travel is on the brain, and wanderlust-inspired items are surging in popularity on Etsy. “We’ve seen a 134 percent increase in searches for ‘push pin maps’ and a 22 percent increase for ‘atlas or map art,’” says Johnson. “Vintage globes and repurposed trunks are another popular way to incorporate this worldly aesthetic into your home.”

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So which one of these trends are you all about right now? Sound off in the comments and visit Etsy for all of the items you see here and even more trends for 2022.