You Have to See Inside This Teeny Tiny NYC Rooftop Studio

You Have to See Inside This Teeny Tiny NYC Rooftop Studio

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Name: Lee Lenox
Location: West Village, New York City
Size: 350 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years; renting

After living in Los Angeles for nine years, Lee sought to recreate a West Coast vibe in what he refers to as his East Coast “Diamond in the Sky.” And what a diamond it is. The tiny studio loft sits on the top floor of a three-story brick building, and when viewed from the street, the wall of glass pane windows glistens in the sky. Clocking in at only 350 square feet and located in New York City’s enviable West Village neighborhood, this sun drenched rooftop apartment is a rare find. It’s also somewhat famous — after settling in, Lee remembered reading a New York Times article featuring the loft years before even moving to New York.

When Lee, a director of sales at Harry’s, originally moved to New York City, he was determined to find the same square footage he had in Los Angeles. His first rental was actually a spacious apartment in Chelsea but he found it lacking in charm and uninviting. It wasn’t until he moved into the bright — yet drastically smaller — loft that Lee finally felt settled and at home. While the space can be challenging at times (the lofted bed nook is accessed by a rolling ladder, for instance) Lee feels the size of the space allows him to be more minimal and organized while providing him “a space that feels complete.”

Using his great grandmother’s delft collection as inspiration, the blue and white color palette throughout the apartment invokes the spirit of the ocean, while over-sized rugs and furniture work together with large artwork and plants to create the illusion of a more open and spacious living area.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Breezy, laid-back vibe with a subversive wink.

Inspiration: The lush greenery and peacefulness of Hollywood Hills and my great-grandmother’s delft collection.

Favorite Element: The natural light. I feel really lucky to have so much wonderful sunlight in NYC.

Biggest Challenge: Not falling out of my lofted bed!

What Friends Say: There’s usually an “Oh wow, I’ve always wondered what this place looked like,” because they would walk past it on the street. It’s usually the height of the ceilings and the small square footage that surprises most.

Biggest Embarrassment: Due to all the windows, my neighbors have definitely seen me in all my glory. A lot.

Proudest DIY: It would have to be keeping all my plants alive and thriving.

Biggest Indulgence: Spending Sundays on my couch taking in the afternoon sunlight with a book or some music.

Best Advice: Don’t offer red wine at a gathering of more than three people, when you have a white couch — someone will inevitably spill. I learned this the hard way, one can only flip a sofa cushion so many times and cover the couch with so many throws….there’s no sofa cushion side left to hide the stains!

Dream Sources: Ryan Korban.





Thanks, Lee!

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