A Minimal, Modern Home With Custom Shelf Solutions

updated Apr 30, 2019

A Minimal, Modern Home With Custom Shelf Solutions

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Name: Leti, Julian and Helenita
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Size: 1,184 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years, owned

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When it came to starting the project of renovating their apartment for their new family, Leti and Julian were all in. They worked with an architect to help with the layout of the space, but the couple was very hands on: “We chose every material in this apartment.”

The important thing for them was to maintain the essence of the house’s architectural history and bones while creating a space that meets all of their needs. Much of the renovation focused on improving the layout. They decided to move the kitchen from its original location so it could be open to the dining room and living area. And they gave up a bathroom in order to make room for a small custom office.

Leti describes herself as a minimalist, and you certainly see that in the lack of clutter. But despite the fact that there’s not a lot of “stuff,” you can tell each item that is in the space has been carefully considered. And along with the mixed-in textures, soft color palette, and natural building materials, the entire space has a warm, modern atmosphere.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Modern and relaxed but with a touch of traditional style.

Inspiration: From Pinterest and friend’s houses.

Favorite Element: The porcelanato floors in the kitchen and bathroom. Alos, the side table lamp in my room.

Biggest Challenge: Deciding the location for the kitchen. We wanted to have an open space where hanging out with friends and cooking wasn’t a problem.

What Friends Say: They love the light in the apartment and the idea of the kitchen integrated with the dining room.

Biggest Embarrassment: We kept the old wooden floors of the apartment but some pieces had to be removed. When we fitted the new ones the difference was noticeable and for me that’s not good at all!

Proudest DIY: We chose every material in this apartment. We are very proud of the result because we worked together with the architect.

Biggest Indulgence: The kitchen’s countertops! We wanted good and durable materials.

Best Advice: To work together with an architect or interior designer. They will advise you on the best layout for your house.

Dream Sources: Pinterest


Lighting — Atmosferaluz
Bookshelves — custom made
Dining table — custom made
Sofa — Belgrano Home
Standing lamp — antique
Piano — From a friend
Armchair — Inherited from Juli’s grandmother
Flower pots — Mercado Libre
Living room mirror — Flea Market
Bertoia Chairs — Mercado Libre
Painted chairs —from Juli’s old bar

Bed cover — La Esteña, Jose Ignacio
Lighting — Atmosferaluz
Bedside table — Mercado Libre
Marble piece — custom made
Standard light — Atmosferaluz
TV stand — previous owners
Rug — La Esteña, Jose Ignacio

Light — Atmosferaluz
Crib — El Corral Muebles
Small piece of furniture — Flea Market

Wall Clock — Petite Margot

Desk — custom made
Paintings — Petite Margot

Thanks, Leti, Juli and Helenita!

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