Artist Matt Austin’s Beautifully Crafted World in Brooklyn

updated Feb 19, 2019
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(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

Name: Matt Austin, of Matt Austin Studio
Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York
Size: 700 square feet
Years lived in: 5 years

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Artist and designer Matt Austin’s Brooklyn apartment and studio is maximalist in the best possible way: There’s so much to see, look at and explore, but somehow everything comes together so perfectly and seemingly effortlessly, as if all these fascinating little bits and bobs wanted to be together, in this place, exactly where they are.

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

I’ve been in a lot of beautiful apartments (working for Apartment Therapy has its perks), but I’ve never seen one that felt so intensely personal. It reminded me a bit of going to a friend’s house for the first time when you were a kid, that feeling that you could spend hours just picking up all their toys and poring over them. Everywhere you turn there’s something new to discover, probably something that Matt made himself. Not content to stop at just filling his place with lovely things, he’s also left his mark on the apartment itself. The kitchen, the walls, the floors, and even the ceiling all bear his personal touch.

You can find Matt’s work, including a lot of the lovely things you see in the tour, on his website at Matt Austin Studio.

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Bohemian Chic.

Inspiration: Various (mainly) European artists/ writers’ live/work lofts and studios.

Favorite Element: The glow in the dark ceiling in the Luxor mural room.

Biggest Challenge: Living and working in what essentially is a glorified corridor (narrow living).

What Friends Say: Usually there are two reactions. Mouths agape in silence while taking it in and looking around. Once people take it in: ”there is so much to look at…” And the other commentary is usually in the context of a party somewhere, where I’ll hear a friend who has experienced the space giving a bit of advice to one who has not: “Go see it before it changes again — every time I’ve seen it there is something changed and new to look for.”

Biggest Embarrassment: When word gets out about my fun “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” style packed parties — everybody knows you have to walk sideways because the space is so narrow.

Proudest DIY: The hand painted pattered floor called “The Wide Sea”. I painted it in the eight hours before my 40th birthday party. I looked at this blank floor and thought, “This is my 40th birthday party and this space needs something dynamic” — the Wide Sea pattern is exactly what it called for.

Biggest Indulgence: The kitchen demo and renovation.

Best Advice: Every room within a space must have at least one clear and uninterrupted channel from the floor to the wall — the wall to the ceiling. This gives one a feeling of freedom, without feeling overtaken by objects.

Dream Sources: All Museums, art, natural history, etc…


(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)


• In the bedroom: Plummet and Railings by Farrow and Ball / Cadmium yellow Kremer Pigments
• In the kitchen: Dimpse, Blackened, Yellow Cake, Railings by Farrow and Ball
• In the Luxor room: Railings by Farrow and Ball/Nickel Yellow Kremer Pigments on ceiling

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)


• Luxor Mural by
Matt Austin Studio. • Fine Art: Matt Austin,
Julian Bart Gallery • Coffee table book, “Alexander Girard” by Todd Oldham and Kiera Coffee • Hand carved Giraffe and Winged Elephant: Matt Austin
(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)


• Glacial sconces: Matt Austin • hand carved busts (including the banana lady): Matt Austin • chalkware (chalk in shapes) Matt Austin

• Ceramics: Eric Bonnin Ceramics
• Colored crystal glasses: Hermes
• vintage krenit bowls: Las Venus
• fine art: Matt Austin Cheymore Gallery, and Julian Bart Gallery

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)


• fine art and carved objects: Matt Austin • Bicycle
Fusion Think • Clothing: Marc Jacobs • Lighting: Matt Austin • Graphite ceiling medallion:
(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)


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Thanks, Matt!