A Nashville Home Dripping With Southern Charm & Bohemian Spirit

updated Feb 19, 2019
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(Image credit: Julia Steele)

Name: Yancey, Carter and Duck
Location: Cleveland Park — Nashville, Tenneesee
Size: 1,500 square feet
Years lived in: Owned 6 months

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Yancey and Carter bought their first home six months ago in the blossoming East Nashville neighborhood of Cleveland Park. It was built in 1908 and is on the historic registrar. The house was nearly torn down in 2010 but instead was rehabbed by Habitat for Humanity and cared for by the previous owner. Getting the house up to speed has definitely been a labor of love, but between Yancey’s keen eye for color, texture and design, and Carter’s skills with a hammer, they have created a comfortable, welcoming home that reflects their individuality.

(Image credit: Julia Steele)

Carter and Yancey love traveling, and it shows. They have many pieces covering their walls and shelves from various places around the world, including Morocco and Mexico. Carter is a touring musician and has strategically placed different reminders of his musical adventures (and lots of instruments!) around the home. Yancey works in advertising. Her worldly bohemian style oozes from every room and corner of their house.

Each piece is well thought out and has a story, especially their heirloom pieces, which Yancey manages to effortlessly incorporate into her modern aesthetic. Both Carter and Yancey are also big fans of estate sales and flea market finds and have spent time scouring the local Nashville market, which also adds to the local feel. Their home is a mix of carefully designed functionality, southern charm and eclectic pieces from around the world.

(Image credit: Julia Steele)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style:
Yancey: Probably a blend of 15 design buzzwords but…eclectic, boho, cozy—all surrounded by big green plants.

Carter: Like an old-money Moroccan cowboy, riding through Tennessee in 1957.

Yancey: Our families. We got really lucky that our grandparents had really good taste. All the sconces and gold mirrors came from them. The trick was to make them feel modern and mix them with our pieces without it feeling disjointed.

Carter: Timeless designs. Not too many modern touches around here. A lot of that comes from inheriting a bunch of stuff from our families. A lot of the places we’ve traveled have made their way into the mix as well: Mexico, Western US, Morocco.

Biggest Challenge:
Yancey: Tall ceilings. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good problem to have but it made design a bit more difficult for me. I’m used to a standard eight footer. You need to be intentional about drawing the eye up the wall, vertical orientations. Also finding oversized pieces that don’t feel dinky on the wall.

Carter: Storage space! There are tons of square footage in the house but a surprisingly small amount of it is closet space. Also, we likely have too much junk…

What Friends Say:
Yancey: People seem to really like it. Most importantly though, it’s a great spot to entertain.

Carter: “Dang. Y’all live here?”

(Image credit: Julia Steele)

Biggest Embarrassment:
Yancey: Don’t open our pantry. Ever. It looks like Home Depot’s paint section with a few bags of flour and quinoa sprinkled in.

Carter: Don’t open the guest room closet either. It’s the abyss of forgotten things that have no home. See ‘biggest challenge’…

Proudest DIY:
Yancey: Carter gets all the love here. He built us a bench that goes with our farmhouse kitchen table. Had I known his knack for woodworking he could have built us the whole table!

Carter: I think I’m most proud of the lame projects. Building closet shelves, changing out a light fixture. Stuff that serves a utilitarian purpose. “We have a place for toilet paper now!!”

Biggest Indulgence:
Yancy: The rugs I brought back from Morocco. I lugged them across five flights and three countries as a carry-on. They were expensive but would be a lot more if sold in the US. If I ever go again, I will be sure to take them up on the international shipping.

Carter: My growing tool kit. But a necessary one with all the constant repairs that tag along with a hundred-year-old house.

Best Advice:
Yancey: Don’t be afraid to try it. It’s good and bad advice I guess. I’m a really visual person so Carter has had to rearrange this house at least 15 times. I have to see something in before I know if I will like it or not. Let’s just say I have a new idea I’d like to “try” once a week.

Carter: Guess it goes without saying, but don’t design yourself a place that you can’t really live in. Prioritize those things necessary for calming your mind and nerves first, whatever that may be: good reading spot, coffee nook, stereo space, outdoor area, a place to black out the sun and burn through a few days worth of Netflix. If you aren’t truly comfortable in your own home, it’s not going to matter what’s hanging on the walls.

Dream Sources:
Yancey: I really just follow people on Instagram. Justina Blakeney and Jennifer Harrison (FleaMarketFab) have a beautiful yet eclectic eye. Also, any flea/thrift between Nashville and St. Louis. A friend and I loaded up a trailer and pretty much furnished my entire house in a weekend.

Carter: Graceland.

(Image credit: Julia Steele)
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Living Room featuring lots of texture, seating and Duck the dog. The curtains are from Yancey’s father’s home and the snake candelabras are from Yancey’s grandfather. The couch was found at Future Ancestor in St. Louis, and the lamps are from Nashville’s Downtown Antique Mall. (Image credit: Julia Steele)

Thanks, Yancey, Carter and Duck!

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