The 5 Happy Secrets of Effortlessly Positive People

published Aug 26, 2018
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Life can be taxing sometimes. With busy work schedules, family responsibilities, and financial obligations to worry about, staying optimistic throughout day-to-day life often feels all but impossible.

But fret not my stressed out friends: There’s hope to be had. We called on life coach Annie Lin of New York Life Coaching for advice on how to keep positive in everyday life, and she had lots to share. Read ahead for five smart strategies to help you look at the bright side, no matter how crazy your day gets.

1. Start your day with meditation

According to Lin, the trick to keeping cool throughout the day starts with your morning routine. “Ten minutes of morning meditation will work wonders for your mood,” she explains. “Take a few minutes before you start your day to meditate and reflect on your daily goals, to help you stay calm and focused throughout the day.”

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2. Move your body

If you’re searching for a preventive way to stay positive throughout the day, Lin says to incorporate exercising into your daily routine. “Regular physical activities such as jogging, swimming, yoga, and even tai-chi help to release endorphins that make you feel good,” she explains. “So whether it’s in the morning, right after work, or on your lunch break, give yourself the gift of a 30-minute workout to stay optimistic (and healthy) throughout the day.”

3. Be a person of excellence

Even when you feel like your glass is half empty, Lin says it’s crucial to give everything your best shot—no matter how poorly you may feel. “Always try your best in all areas of your daily life,” she says, “even if it’s not perfect in the moment. Not only will this will help you focus on projects and tasks (instead of your anxiety), you won’t have any regrets at the end of the day.”

4. Learn to accept your feelings

Believe it or not, Lin says that even when you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to acknowledge and accept your current state of mind as temporary. “Learning to feel and accept your emotions helps give you the control to manage them,” she explains. “Otherwise, you will wind up trying to numb your feelings out with harmful distractions, such as social media, alcohol, and overspending.”

5. Be kind to others

Above all else, Lin says to remember the golden rule to help you—and your colleagues and family members—get through the day. “No matter how discouraged you feel, always be kind and respectful to those around you,” she says. “Whether it’s with words, thoughts, or deeds, find something to appreciate in every situation, because when you act kinder, you feel better.”