How To Be the Best Gift-Giver Ever

updated Oct 13, 2022
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Waking up on Christmas morning as a kid was like, well… waking up on Christmas morning. Presents. Presents everywhere! But now as an adult, I know the old maxim to be true: It really is better to give than to receive. Nothing feels better than presenting a much-adored gift to a nephew, sister or friend that you love. Finding the right gift is all about knowing where to look.

The number one strategy for giving great gifts is simply to know your giftee. There’s no substitute for a close friendship and knowing each others’ tastes. But if you’re stuck in a rut for ideas and a big birthday is looming on the horizon, here are a few places you can look to find the perfect present for your giftee:

1. Search for Their Amazon Wish List

If your intended gift-getter keeps a virtual wish list with Amazon, your job is already done! Consider it like an “anytime” registry; it’s becoming more common for people who aren’t expecting a baby or getting married to keep and share ongoing lists of gifts they love. Wish lists set to public are easily searchable, so head to the Amazon Wish List page and enter a name or email.

2. Find an Old Registry

Even if your giftee has been settled down for several years, their old wedding or housewarming registry might still be active online. If there are any unfulfilled gifts lying dormant on the list, snatch them up for an unexpected gift you know they’ll love. I wouldn’t approach this technique blindly, though; think about how their life might be different now than when they registered and make sure your gift is still a good idea.

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3. Pop Over to Pinterest

On my Pinterest page, among the photos of awe-inspiring interiors (that I will never own) and complicated recipes (that I will never make), I also keep a few pin boards of more realistic lifestyle inspiration, such as serving pieces I love or books I plan to read. If you can’t turn up a wish list or registry for your giftee, their Pinterest page might offer some fresh ideas.

4. Examine Their Home and Wardrobe

Notice a favorite brand? A sports team they root for? Do all their books share a common subject? Looking into somebody’s home is like looking into their brain. Try to find a theme in what a person already owns, then you can get creative from there. When you put some time and thought into finding the right gift, there’s no way the person you’re buying for won’t love it.

What are your tips for finding the best gifts?