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The Hidden Spot You’re Forgetting to Clean in the Bedroom (It Affects Your Sleep!)

published Apr 21, 2024
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People spend nearly a third of their lives sleeping, but how well-rested you actually are can be dependent on several key factors, like having a good and comfortable mattress, a quiet environment, and a clean space, to name a few. 

If your space seems tidy but your allergies are still keeping you up, then it may be because some hidden places are collecting dust nearby. One that comes to mind immediately is the space under the bed. When this area is left to collect dust and clutter down below, it can affect how you sleep above it. 

So we’ll be dedicating some time today to cleaning under the bed so that you can sleep better tonight

Day 7: Clean under the bed.

This is a fairly simple assignment — especially if you don’t store anything under the bed. Just take the time to sweep or vacuum under there and, if you can, move the bed so that you can get all around it. But if you store items under your bed, this will require you to move those things out and dust them too. For a finishing touch, give the floors a mop with your favorite floor cleaner. 

If you want to take things a step further, you could check to see what’s actually being stored there and decide if it’s worth putting back. Maybe you keep seasonal clothing under there and now’s your chance to do a clothing swap, or perhaps you’d like to eliminate a few things that are taking up space you need for something else. If you do want to declutter after cleaning, I strongly recommend that you only commit a certain amount of time to do this so you’re not spending a lot of time on the floor sorting things in your bedroom before bedtime. 

PRO TIP: If your items are stored haphazardly underneath your bed, consider investing in an under-bed storage item to keep things together neatly, like this award-winning find

Did you find anything surprising while cleaning under the bed? 

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