Want to Know How to Clean Window Screens Without Removing Them? Use This Unexpected Tool

updated Apr 10, 2024
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Cleaning window screens is not high on anyone’s list of Chores I Love to Do. I mean, how many of us even know the right way to get the window screens out after we’ve cleaned the windows? Wait, do we even have to take them out to clean them? You can see I’m among the guilty who rarely and half-heartedly perform this nevertheless should-be-done task.

Lucky for us, there’s actually a quick and easy way to remove the cobwebs, dirt, bug parts, , and pollen film off of our screens so the air we let in through our windows is actually fresh.

Enter the humble lint roller, which is good for more than getting cat hair off your black pants in a flurry before you leave for work. Grab this handy tool and learn how to clean window screens without removing them first with this guide.

Credit: Miyuki Satake

Cleaning your window screens with a lint roller is not always the most thorough way to clean them, but you can do it if your screens are not too dirty or if you need to give them a quick refresh. Using a lint roller is also a good way to keep up maintenance on your window screens so they don’t get as dirty as quickly (which will lengthen the life of your screens).

Things You’ll Need to Clean Window Screens Without Removing Them

How to Clean Window Screens Without Removing Them

1. Open your windows or door.

Open the windows or door you’re cleaning so that you have full access to the screen. Feel free to remove any large debris (caught leaves? bugs?) by hand or use a vacuum with a soft bristle-brush attachment.

2. Start rolling.

Roll the lint roller gently over your screens, taking care not to press too hard. Pushing too hard can stretch, poke holes, or otherwise damage the screen.

3. Refill the lint roller as needed.

Remove the lint roller liner when it gets too dirty and loses its tack. Refill the lint roller as needed while you clean.

4. Use a paint roller for a thorough clean.

If you have a paint roller handy, you can put a lint roller refill on its frame to tackle high-up window screens (inside or out) or larger screens, like the ones on doors.

Tip: If you find yourself needing to clean the screens often, you can also spend a tiny bit of dough on a screen cleaner brush or this $18 dual-use tool to tackle the job over and over again.

For more thorough instructions, check out this window cleaning guide and in the meantime, happy rolling!