This Surprising (Super Cheap) Drug Store Product Can Clean Just About Anything

updated Dec 4, 2023
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If you’re young, you’ve likely never given much thought and certainly never purchased denture tablets before. But it turns out that they can do plenty more than clean dentures. You can use denture cleaner to get rid of everything from coffee stains to clogged drains at home—using nothing more than a couple of denture tablets at a time.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

To prove our point, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips for cleaning your home with denture tablets. From smelly shoes to jewelry, here are 10 of the most surprising things denture cleaners can spruce up—and how to do it.

1. Enamel Cookware

Looking for an effective way to really deep clean your enamel cookware? Add warm water and 2-3 denture tablets to each of your soiled pots and pans and simply wait until the fizzing stops. Your cookware should wash clean in no time.

2. Clogged Drains

While harsh bleach and liquid plumbing solutions can unclog a drain in seconds, they can also take a toll on your sinks (and nose). Do yourself a favor and drop three broken-up denture tablets and a cup of vinegar down your drain the next time it’s clogged up. Wait a few minutes and then run hot water until the clog finally clears.

3. Stained Coffee Mugs

Turns out all it takes to get rid of those pesky coffee stains in your mug is just one measly denture tablet. Fill the mug with warm water and a denture tablet and simply wait until the fizzing stops. Your mugs (and carafes, and tea kettles, etc.) should wash clean in minutes.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

4. Smelly Shoes

Few things feel more hopeless than a stinky pair of sneakers, but what if we told you denture cleaner can make them look (and smell) brand-new? Fill a bucket up with hot water, three denture tablets and your shoes, and your kicks should be fresh and germ-free in a couple of hours.

5. Jewelry

Who knew all of your hard-stone jewelry (diamonds and gold, etc.) was just one denture tablet away from looking shiny and new? Drop a single tablet into a cup of warm water and let your baubles soak for 20 minutes before rinsing clean. Just remember to avoid using it on softer stones like pearls and Lapis.

6. Small Bottles

Small bottles with narrow openings can seem all but impossible to clean. Luckily, all it takes it a broken up denture tablet and some warm water—just add to the bottle and shake for a minute—to thoroughly clean an awkwardly-shaped vessel or water bottle.

7. Hair Brushes

Believe it or not, your hair combs and brushes deserve a deep clean from time to time, too. To remove oil build-up and dirt from your brushes and combs, fill your sink with hot water and a denture tablet and let them soak for at least twenty minutes. Swish them around a few times before rinsing and they’ll be as clean as a whistle in no time.

8. Dingy Fabric

Whether you’re hoping to brighten up your white t-shirts or deep clean your stained tablecloths, denture tablets will do the trick. Simply fill your sink (or a bucket) with warm water and throw in 1-3 tablets (depending on the size of your wash load). Once the tablets dissolve, soak your fabrics for at least an hour and then rinse as usual.

9. Sauce-stained Plastic

If you’re planning on throwing out all of your tomato sauce-stained Tupperware then think again. Fill up the plastic containers with warm water and a denture tablet and voila: by tomorrow it’ll be as good as new.

10. Toilets and Sinks

Even the dirtiest toilet is no match for a quality effervescent cleaner. Drop a tablet into your toilet bowl (or sink or bathtub with water) and let sit for 20-30 minutes. Use a toilet brush to break down any remaining stains or rings and flush (or rinse) for a sparkly porcelain bathroom scene.