How To Clean Your Apartment Just Like Monica Geller Would

published Apr 27, 2017
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Dedicated Friends fans spent entire decades watching the platonic and romantic lives of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey play out. We watched Rachel pursue a fashion career, we watched Joey not share his food, we watched Phoebe and all her quirks, we watched Chandler make sarcastic quips, we watched Ross be…well, basically the worst, and of course, we also watched Monica clean. A lot. Like, there’s clean, and then there’s Monica Clean™, which is on a totally different level entirely.

Monica’s passion for cleaning was the butt of many jokes throughout the show’s 10 seasons, but honestly, we could all probably learn from her—a little extra order and organization can’t hurt, right? Right. So here’s what your life would look like if you cleaned your apartment the way Monica Geller would…

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Your bed would be perfectly made at all times.

Fluffed pillows, crisp sheets, and you’d never dare leave the covers crumpled up and slept in all day. Plus, Monica would never let your floral sheets face the wrong way (blossoms up! because, you know, the head of the bed is where the sun would be), and your duvet tag? It would always be on the proper side of the bed.

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Your towels would be categorized.

And not just by size, either. If you were Monica, you’d have 11—yes, eleven—towel categories. That includes everyday use, fancy, guest, fancy guest, and…do we ever find out what the other 7 are? The point is, you’d have a towel for every occasion, and they’d be incredibly well organized.

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You’d have a spot for absolutely everything.

Even your ribbons. In fact, you’d have an entire ribbon drawer. And just thinking about having to move said ribbon drawer—or honestly, to switch up any of your flawless organizational systems—would stress you out immensely.

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You’d clean all your cleaning tools.

Like Monica, you’d know that you can’t clean your home with dirty cleaning tools—although Monica’s probably the only person dedicated enough to vacuum their vacuum cleaner, but you definitely wouldn’t let it collect dust. Realistically speaking, your sponges would always be disinfected after each use, and you’d never let grime accumulate on any of your cleaning necessities.

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And you’d create your own cleaning recipes.

Store bought cleaner? Not for you, Monica 2.0. Instead, you’d use a cleaning spray recipe that you made yourself, with 2 parts ammonia, one part lemon juice and a secret ingredient you wouldn’t dare share with anyone, but that definitely gets the job done.

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You’d notice when even the smallest detail was wrong.

Your partner or your roommates might try to clean the apartment, but they’d never quite get it right. It would take you less than 10 seconds to notice that everything was out of place, and it would haunt you until you fixed it, no matter how chill you’d try to remain.

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But you’d still have a dirty secret.

Monica had entire junk closet, so you definitely wouldn’t have to feel bad about the junk drawer you’d inevitably have. Even the most meticulous cleaners know that some things just don’t fit anywhere in particular and that stuff piles up. Not that you’d ever admit it, but, deep down you too would know it’s true.

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And your toilet paper would always be properly folded.

You wouldn’t have it any other way.