You Can Clean Your Computer Screen With Just Two Household Ingredients

updated Sep 19, 2023
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Staring at a dirty computer screen while you’re trying to work can be very distracting, especially if you’re like me and procasti-clean instead of actually getting your work tasks done. Luckily, getting a clean computer screen only takes about five minutes and two common household items, which will reward you with a streak-free finish.

Quick Overview

How to Clean a Computer Screen (The Right Way)

  • Be sure to turn off the computer and unplug any power cords before cleaning.
  • Don’t directly spray anything onto the computer, as it may damage internal components (this is actually one of the biggest cleaning mistakes you could make, so take note!).
  • Don’t ever use cleaning items like bleach, glass cleaner, cleaning wipes, ammonia, or toilet paper on a computer screen as it could cause damage to the display.
  • Use a combination of distilled water and vinegar (sprayed into a microfiber cloth) to get a streak-free clean.
  • Repeat these steps with an eyeglass cleaning cloth.

What is the best way to clean a computer screen?

The best way to clean a computer screen is to spray a solution of distilled water and vinegar) onto a soft microfiber cloth. Then, you’ll wipe the screen down. (This method also works well for cleaning a television screen.) But the real secret ingredient to cleaning a computer screen is an eyeglass cleaning cloth. After getting an initial clean with a microfiber cloth, the eyeglass cleaning cloth buffs out smudges and makes the screen extra clear.

You most likely have an LCD (liquid crystal display) screen — especially if you have a Mac, which exclusively makes computers with LCD screens — and there are numerous delicate items working underneath the surface such as a light source and liquid crystals. So, the reason why you shouldn’t directly spray a cleaning solution onto a computer screen is because you don’t want to risk getting any of these components wet and damaged.

What should you NOT use to clean a computer screen?

Though the list of cleaning products NOT to use on your computer screen could be endless, here are the most noteworthy items:

  • Windex
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Baby wipes
  • Wet wipes
  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels

These cleaning items will either scratch or damage the display on your computer screen and should be avoided at all costs.

Things You’ll Need




1. Turn the computer off.

If the computer is plugged into an outlet, be sure to unplug before you being cleaning. Additionally, be sure to place the computer on a flat surface so that you don’t accidentally drop it. (Impact on the screen could potentially cause something called dead pixels, which you definitely don’t want.)

2. Mix a solution.

In an empty spray bottle, mix a solution of equal parts distilled water and white vinegar. I used a half cup of each.

3. Spray the solution.

Spray the solution onto a microfiber cloth (or an old cotton t-shirt). Do not use any sort of paper towel, toilet paper, or tissue to clean your screen as these products can scratch your monitor.

4. Wipe the screen down.

Wipe across the screen in small, circular motions until you’ve worked your way over the entire surface. Repeat this step with an eyeglass cloth. Use the solution to clean any other smudges on the computer.

You’re all set! No more smudgy, streaky distractions!