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How to Create a Meditation Space in Even the Tiniest Home

updated Jan 4, 2022
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Credit: Joseph Keller

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Calm is a moving target. Some days — like after we’ve just cleaned the kitchen or changed the sheets — our homes feel relaxing and fresh. Other days, feeling calm might mean ignoring the dishes in the sink to carve out a moment for yourself. Whatever kind of day it is, you can create calm at home by creating a home for calm: aka a space dedicated to quiet and contemplation.

That’s what Apartment Therapy News and Culture Director Tara Bellucci does. Whether she’s tie-dying her couch or turning her plant pots into disco balls, Bellucci infuses her Boston apartment with her colorful, kitschy, pop culture–obsessed personality. And even though her space is small, Bellucci has still created a spot for one of her most important rituals: meditation, which she practices twice a day.

Credit: Joseph Keller

“I’ve meditated in parks, on city buses, even on a particularly wave-tossed ferry,” Bellucci says. “But if you want to make it a regular practice, it’s nice to have a space in your home that makes you feel calm and intentional.”

Read on (and listen in) to find out how she makes time and space for meditation — and how you can too.

How can a meditation practice work for you? Listen to Tara’s advice in her own words.

Start With the Basics

There’s really only one requirement when it comes to meditation: “All you need is a comfortable place to sit,” Bellucci says. “And if it has space for a glass of water, your phone or other timer, and maybe a candle, plant, or other item that brings good vibes, even better. My meditation spot is a chaise covered in cozy blankets and pillows, and I have an altar set up with plants, candles, crystals, and things that remind me of loved ones who are no longer here.”

Credit: Joseph Keller

Keep Your Space Sacred

We’ve all gone hard on a new habit only to run out of steam in a week. Creating a special space for wellness rituals makes them easier to stick with. “If your meditation chair is always covered in half-clean laundry, you’re not as likely to meditate,” Bellucci says. “Being intentional about the habits you want to cultivate and setting up your home to support that is 90 percent of the way there. The rest is just sitting and breathing.” 

Credit: Joseph Keller

Build a Routine You Love

Think of your meditation practice as a chance to savor small moments. “I sit in my chaise, take a few minutes to journal, light a candle, then do my meditation. If it’s been a particularly stressful day or I need some extra calm, I’ll make a mug of tea and let it cool to the perfect temperature while I meditate, then sip it after while reflecting or setting intentions,” Bellucci says. She likes Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea for its relaxing blend of lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm.

Credit: Joseph Keller

Cut Yourself Some Slack

This one’s important. “Life gets in the way, especially when starting a new habit,” Bellucci says. If you miss some meditations, just come back to it when you can. “There’s no gold star for being perfect, in meditation or in life.”