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This Is My Ingenious Trick to Actually Get Rid of Kitchen Odors (Clean It Now!)

published Apr 23, 2024
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Putting trashbag into trashcan

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Even if you’ve cleaned a room of all visible dirt and grime, it can still smell (and feel) dirty if there’s a hidden odor lingering. That’s usually because the source of the problem hasn’t actually been addressed. That’s why, for the penultimate assignment of the Spring Cleaning Cure, we’re going to be tackling a chore that’s often put off due to its smelly situation. 

Today, we’re going to de-stink the trash can and give it a deep cleaning that’ll get it odor-free! 

Day 9: De-stink the trash can.

Whether you have a single garbage can in the kitchen or a couple of them to hold trash and recycling, you’ll want to dedicate this time to cleaning not just the bins, but also the space under and around them. 

Here’s what you’ll do. 

  • Empty the bins. Before you can clean them, you’ll want to first remove any trash and recycling inside.
  • Remove and clean the bins. If you have removable bins, pull them out and give them a cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner or soapy water. Use a scrubber to take off any caked-on grime. Leave them out to dry and air out or use a towel to wipe them down.
  • Clean inside the trash can. Before you put the bins back in, clean the inside of the trash can by wiping it down and removing any dust or dirt at the bottom.
  • Move and clean under the trash can. Clean the area around and under your trash can before placing it back there.
  • Clean the outside of the trash can. Finally, clean the exterior of your trash can.
  • Bonus: Keep it germ- and odor-free. To keep your trash can from being a smelly and germy mess, consider disinfecting it regularly and lining the bottom with baking soda. Here are more tricks to get a nice-smelling garbage can.

PRO TIP: If you are looking to take out your current trash situation, and replace it with something new, we love this simplehuman Dual Compartment Rectangular Step Can and how it has separate compartments for trash and recycling, a step pedal, and a soft-close lid. 

Is your home smelling better than before? Tell us in the comments below.

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