5 Cute & Coordinated Ways to Dress a Mixed-Gender Wedding Party

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Alley Cat Photography)

On your wedding day, you want your best friends and closest family standing up with you at the altar, no matter what gender they happen to be. Choosing your tightest ladies and best bros might be easy (especially if they’re your siblings), but deciding what they should wear can be tough if you’re after a coordinated wedding party look. Here are five different ideas to unify your wedding party’s style (when they won’t all be wearing pants or dresses).

(Image credit: Love + Water Photography)

Pick a Color for Each Side

If the bride’s people are wearing red and pink, put the bridesmen in a red and pink shirt and tie. If the groom’s people are wearing black, have the groomsmaids in black dresses. This is great if you want to make it easy to tell who is on who’s side. And it works for same-sex weddings, too; just choose different colors for each bride’s side or each groom’s side.

At top, a maid in gray on a groom’s side from Alley Cat Photography. And just above, a confident bridesman strutting his stuff in pink with bridesmaids from Love + Water Photography.

(Image credit: Moore Photography)

Meet in the Middle

It’s a variation on the idea above, but for those almost-traditional wedding parties where one person stands out: Have the odd groomsmaid or bridesman meet in the middle between the two sides’ attire. Above is a groomsmaid wearing the same dress as the bridesmaids, but in a color closer to the groomsmen’s suits, from Moore Photography

(Image credit: Lindsay Hite)

…and here, a bridesman wearing the groomsmens suits with a tie that matches the bridesmaids dresses, from Brides and photographer Lindsay Hite of Readyluck. This way, the odd man (or lady) out can stand in on photos for either side and look coordinated with the rest.

(Image credit: Tec Petaja)

Coordinated, but Mismatched

Give everyone a general palette–like guys in grayish suits and ladies in beige and blush–then let everyone mix it up on their own. The result is an elegantly coordinated bridal party across both sides of the aisle, as you can see here in this wedding from Once Wed and photographer Tec Petaja.

(Image credit: JoPhoto)

Variations of the Same Outfit

Trade out a skirt for pants, and everyone in a bride’s or groom’s party can wear pretty much the same ensemble. I love the cardigans on the groom’s side in this wedding party from Borrowed and Blue, shot by JoPhoto.

(Image credit: Brett Arthur)

Common Accessories

Here’s an idea you can add-on to any of the ideas above: Have everyone on the same side wear the same accessories, like ties, bows or suspenders. You can accessorize with florals, too, and have the bridesmen carry bunches of flowers or the groomsmaids wear boutonnieres. The groomsmaid in this wedding from Bridal Musings, by photographer Brett Arthur, did both.

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