How to Tape Moving Boxes the Right Way So You Don’t Damage Everything You Own

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Moving is tricky. Whether you’re figuring out how to move your plants without killing them, toting odd-shaped items, or just keeping organized, moving can be a stressful time. One thing that can make it easier on yourself? Knowing exactly how to put together and tape your moving boxes so nothing gets broken. And as it turns out, there’s actually a right and wrong way to go about this seemingly simple task.

Darina Murashev, a moving specialist at, says, “One of the most common mistakes that people make while boxing up their belongings is not taping the bottom of the box securely enough for it to hold a certain amount of weight.”

“When packing heavy items like kitchen appliances and fine china, it’s important to prepare your moving boxes by taping the bottom of the box well past the bottom folds, up high onto the sides of the box. This makes the box more secure when handling heavy items. Doubling up on tape is an additional way to ensure your box is nice and secure.”

Here’s our simple guide to taping up your moving boxes so that they’re secure (and so you don’t have any surprises when you unpack your kitchen).

How to Tape a Moving Box (The Best, Easiest Way)

Here, Murashev offers a step-by-step guide on how to put together a moving box.

1. Get the flaps into position.

Put the top flaps of the box down, and open the box.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

2. Flip the box over and fold down all of the edges into the inside of the box.

It’s better to first put the smaller edges inside and then the larger edges.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

3. Use your packaging tape and tape down the long, horizontal side of the box.

Put packing tape about halfway over the side of the box for extra support.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

4. Add more tape.

Make sure the cardboard flaps are close together. Do the same taping again, for more protection.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

5. Use the ‘H-taping method.’

Tape both sides of the shorter vertical sides of the box, for extra support.

Credit: Joe Lingeman