How to Hang a Large, Heavy Rug on The Wall

published Jan 31, 2015
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(Image credit: Mas Means More)

Malcolm and his parents have been all over the world, collecting souvenirs like this Brazilian rug. When he moved away from home, Malcolm took it with him and initially hung it behind his bed as a pseudo headboard, then decided to find a more permanent home on the wall as art. The rug is pretty big, and somewhat heavy. Which raises the question: how does one hang it?

What You Need


  • Rug
  • Screws
  • Drywall Anchors (optional)
  • Twine
  • PVC pipe (3/4 inch pipe used for this project)


  • Saw (to cut the PVC pipe to size)
  • Screwdriver, or drill with bit


1. Before you get started, clean the pipe so you don’t get hardware store yuckiness on your nice pretty rug.

(Image credit: Mas Means More)

1. Cut the PVC pipe just slightly shorter than the width of your rug (to ensure that it won’t be visible underneath the rug).

2. Cut 2-3 pieces of twine that are about double the length of the pipe. The more pieces you use, the sturdier it’ll be.

(Image credit: Mas Means More)

3. String the twine through the pipe.

Tip: To make it easier, tie a washer or a screw to the end of all 2-3 pieces of twine and drop the weight through the pipe.

4. Place the pipe, with twine threaded through, at the center of the rug, and fold the rug over.

5. Tie the loose ends of the twine into knots. Make sure to tie the knots as close to the pipe as possible (i.e don’t give the twine any slack) because when you hang it up, it’ll stretch out quite a bit.

Tip: After tying the knots, pull the twine through so that the knots are on the inside of the pipe, unless you want them on the outside.

(Image credit: Mas Mean More)

6. If your rug is pretty heavy, you’ll want to either drill a screw into a stud, or use a drywall anchor for some extra strength.

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