All the Secrets You Need to Know to Keep Your House Tidy, According to Reddit

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Some days, Reddit is full of snark and opinions. But other days, people really come through with thoughtful comments. From home improvement projects to apartment hunting, we can always trust our fellow Redditors to share thoughtful ideas and helpful advice.

When Reddit user lemonfluff asked, “People that keep thier house really tidy, what’s your secret?” fellow Redditors shared a ton of great advice you’ll actually use. The thread has over 11,000 comments and counting, and we rounded up some of the best secrets that will help keep your house sparkling clean.

Make sure everything has a place

First and foremost, follow the golden rule of tidying: Find a place for everything, and put everything in its place. Dozens of Redditors shared that this guiding principle will make your life 1000% tidier. It can be hard to follow, but once you do, it’ll make all the difference.

“Put things back where they’re supposed to go. If they don’t have a place to go, find a place for them,” says Reddit user Hynjia.

Buy cleaning products you like

Instead of buying whatever cleaning product is cheapest or most convenient, look around the shelf and explore different brands to find a scent you like. Reddit user udonotknowmee says to “find cleaners that you like the smell of. I love doing laundry & I love mopping and washing walls because of the smell.”

Love the smell of lemons? Pick up some lemon-scented cleaning wipes. Think lavender smells heavenly? Buy some lavender-scented dish soap. It’s especially fun to buy seasonal scents in the fall and winter.

Invest in a robot vacuum

Yes, robot vacuums keep your floors clean. But they also trick you into tidying up, because you have to clear cords and other small objects from the floor so the vacuum can run properly.

“We have a robot vacuum and it runs daily. Keeps the floors clean but also forces you to not leave stuff laying [sic] around because it will eat it and get stuck,” says Reddit user mookie2010ml.

Make it an enjoyable experience

Cleaning and tidying don’t have to be silent, boring chores. Catch up on podcasts, listen to an audiobook, or throw on an episode of your favorite show in the background while you work.

“Put on good music when cleaning,” says Reddit user KestrellLowing. Who knows? You might even start to look forward to tidying.

Invite people over

Nothing inspires a deep cleaning session quite like having company over. Many Redditors said that regular game nights and the ever-present idea that their in-laws could pop over at any moment inspires them to keep a tidy house.

“Protip: have people over once a week. That’s such a great impetus for a quick, deep clean of everything,” says Reddit user hercarmstrong. Many people agreed. “Not being embarassed [sic] on game night is literally the only reason my house stays clean,” adds Reddit user RedEnder.

Tidy up before bed

The notion of tidying up all at once can be a lot for some people. If you don’t know where to start, try forming a nighttime tidying routine.

“In my apartment, before bed I just make the rounds. Check each room and put whatever needs to be put away, wipe down, sweep, whatever. If you do this everyday [sic], most days you’ll just be straightening a crooked frame or something as minuscule as that and that’s it,” says Reddit user yougottabeyoubabe.

Groom your pets

Tidying isn’t just about keeping human clutter under control. If you have pets, getting them on a regular grooming schedule makes a big difference.

Reddit user hotrodruby says to “keep your pets groomed and clean (if you have them) it’ll cut down on fur everywhere and having the pet smell in your house.”

Get rid of clutter—and stay rid of it

There’s a reason Marie Kondo has a handful of best-selling books and her own Netflix series: The KonMari Method works. Getting rid of clutter isn’t just a one-time activity; you have to regularly practice not adding more. Start by adopting the ABD mantra: always be decluttering.

“I got rid of a lot of clutter, and work to not accumulate more. If it takes less than 5 minutes I just do it. I tidy constantly,” says Reddit user whatsyourfavsong. “Having a messy home leads me to have a messy and unorganized mind. I just feel better when things are tidy, so I worked at forming the habit, no matter how much I don’t want to.”

Own less stuff

Dozens of Redditors shared this simple but important idea: Own less stuff. Buy less and donate regularly. Because if you have less stuff, there’s less stuff to keep tidy.