The Game-Changing Water Jug I Never Leave Home Without — Here’s Why

published Aug 19, 2021
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Credit: HEX/Stocksy

I love to explore the world of smart bottles. They’re futuristic, high tech, and honestly, just fun to play with. Still, it’s good to go back to a tried-and-true favorite. In my case, that’s the two-liter water jug. I’ve owned several of them since I was a teenager and over the years, it’s been my go-to for making sure I get enough water to drink each day. I’ve always seen them as purely functional, never once splurging on one until trendy water bottles started gaining popularity. I decided to try out the HydroJug to see how it held up on quality, style, and function. Right away, I knew the HydroJug was an upgrade from my old two-liter bottle.

The shaker bottle-style cap, with its wide mouth, was a change I looked forward to from the standard pull top. But the carrying loop is what really caught my attention. I’d slipped into a bad habit of grabbing my former water bottle by the lid instead of the handle. The only logic for it was that my hand reached the top first. The HydroJug flip cap, however, almost seems to take that little habit into account. Without even thinking about it, I can grab the jug by the loop and carry it with me. I don’t even have to worry about the lid suddenly flying open and spilling my drink everywhere. It snaps shut and holds tight!

I’ve talked at length about the lid, but the HydroJug as a whole is strong and durable. The bottle takes the power of a heavy-duty water jug that you can bring to the gym and combines it with the trendiness of a stylish item that’s meant to be seen. Not only is the HydroJug high-quality in its build, but also in its vibrant colors with matching lids. For those who aren’t into bright hues, there are even the black and white basics. The caps are also interchangeable so you can swap them out based on your style or mood. I’ve never done well with the motivational bottles that have lines to mark water-drinking checkpoints. I feel like it takes away from an otherwise aesthetically pleasing product, but to each their own. Plus, while not all of us have the same hydration needs per day, I know that when it comes to the 64-ounce HydroJug, finishing one full container fulfills my personal daily water goals.

As tempting as it is to lean toward the inexpensive side for water bottles, HydroJug is worth its $24.99 price point in my eyes. You know how a cheap bottle feels: It’s thin, not the best quality, but does what it’s supposed to do. But why settle? I was happy with my old bottle simply because it was my favorite color, but it had been severely worn down over the years—chewed bottle cap and all. I’ve since tossed out my cheap water jug after many wonderful years together, and I’m happy to say I’ve moved on to a bigger, better bottle.

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