The Filtered Water Bottle That’s Been By My Side All Summer Long

published Aug 12, 2022
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Hydros Filtering Water Bottle Amazon
Credit: Hydros

I don’t know about you, but once summer rolls around I drink water like it’s going out of style. With heat wave after heat wave and everything from beach days to vacations on my agenda, I’m booked and busy come summertime — I need to be hydrated. One thing you’ll be hard pressed to find me without during the summer months is a water bottle (Frankly, I always have an #emotionalsupportwaterbottle in hand, but that’s besides the point.) I’ve tried them all. The iconic Hydroflask? You bet. The TikTok-famous Stanley Quencher? You bet. The beloved — and Kitchn Essentials-winning — Zojirushi water bottle? I’ve got it in three colors. But this summer I came across a new water bottle that came in and changed the game. Say hello to the water bottle that’s been by my side all summer long: the Hydros Filtered Water Bottle.

Home to one of our favorite water filters, Hydros is a brand that’s all about getting clean water into your hands with style and minimal effort. Featuring a 20-ounce capacity, this water bottle is one of the brand’s latest releases that features the same speedy filtering system — it filters five times faster than the competition — found in its carafes and pitchers. The best part is the innovative rocker cap that’s designed with a venting system that lets you drink naturally as you would out of a glass and easily lets you flip it open or closed with one hand (The safety click helps you to know when it’s securely closed so you don’t have to worry about leaks.) It’s also made from BPA-free plastic and fills up in just 20 seconds. Need I say more?

This bottle has been everywhere with me this summer. Because of its lightweight plastic design, I was able to throw it in my carry-on without a care during a recent trip to Florida. While there, it was rarely out of my hand. This bottle went from the beach to the zoo, and I knew that whenever I wanted clean drinking water it was just a faucet tap away — and that’s a great feeling. This came in especially handy during a Fourth of July celebration at a local baseball stadium. Hot and crowded, the stadium was an expected madhouse. With a quick duck into the bathroom, I was able to skip the lines and overpriced concession stands, filling up my bottle with clean water in record time. Now that I’m home, I use it as my daily water bottle, enjoying clean filtered water no matter where my day takes me.

Available in blue, red, grey, and white (I opted for the blue option), this water bottle comes in at just $20, a steal compared to others when you take its filtering capacity into consideration. So if you’re looking for a bottle that’s smart, travel-friendly, and that’ll help you cut back on your plastic waste, give the Hydros Filtered Water Bottle a try — I promise you’ll never live without it again.