Design Solutions: A Lookbook of (Good Looking!) Hanging Pots & Pans Solutions in Real Kitchens

published Jun 9, 2016
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(Image credit: Samara Vise)

Whether your space is just too small or your storage options lacking, you might find yourself in the position of figuring out where to store pots in your kitchen. Don’t despair if there’s no cabinet to tuck them away in; there are ways to store your pots out in the open that won’t hurt your eyes. For your storage inspiration files: 14 examples of real homes storing pots stylishly.

Hanging on the wall

(Image credit: Jacqueline Marque)

Even with a lot of cabinet storage, pots look great hanging out in the open Jim & Laura’s Light-Filled Providence Colonial

(Image credit: Andrea Sparacio)

A narrow kitchen still looks lovely with the wall-hanging pot storage solution in James’ Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill.

A long, horizontal green wood plank organizes the pots hanging from it in Jennifer’s Rustic & Refined Ranch House

(Image credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom)

You don’t have to hang all your pots. In Blanca & Cody’s Oaxaca-Inspired Compact Cottage, a couple of pots and a few metal cups hang over the stove, ready to be used.

(Image credit: Emma Fiala)

Mixing cooking pots with other kitchen tools can create a functional corner, like in Alex & Carla’s Timeless Traditional, Revamped.

(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

Hanging your pots directly on the wall, like in Joanna & Kevin’s Constantly Changing, Yesteryear-Inspired Apartment, can make them seem more like stylish accessories.

Hanging from the ceiling:

(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

A compact mix of pots hang from a simple metal pot rack in Jesse’s Modern Bachelor Pad.

(Image credit: Photos by Jake Durrett )

The pot rack in Melissa & Jake’s Cozy Cole Valley Rental hangs conveniently in the center of their small kitchen.

(Image credit: Samara Vise)

The pot rack hanging in the kitchen of Samara’s Sentiment-Filled Apartment barely calls any attention to itself at all.

Creative solutions:

(Image credit: Julia Brenner)

Faced with a small space, Lauren got creative to hang some pots in front of a window in her Bold Chicago Apartment Bursting With DIY Projects.

(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

Bec’s Sugar Shack in Western Australia is full of vintage items, and the vintage pots hanging from the bottom of a shelf above her stove create a charming look.

(Image credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion)

Lauren got creative in her Antique Urban Fantasy Mix home, hanging pots from antique hay hooks.