IKEA Is Testing a 3D Printed Decor Collection in Europe

published Jan 16, 2022
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We may soon be able to buy 3D printed home decor from IKEA if the test run of the Swedish retailer’s new line sparks interest in Germany. IKEA’s brand new line of home decor, dubbed FLAMTRÄD, is entirely 3D printed lattice work that takes on the form of a human head and hands in several different positions, including some that can be used to store jewelry or other small items.

FLAMTRÄD is currently only available in Germany and the entire product line reportedly has not been released yet, according to 3DPrint.com. It’s expected that all the decor pieces will be released by the end of January.

As of right now, products in the FLAMTRÄD line range from €29.99 to €49.99 ($34.20 to $57.01), which is a bit more than IKEA shoppers are used to spending for home decor items. 

But considering that IKEA is mass producing 3D printed art pieces for the mainstream market, which is a first for major retailers, the price seems fairly reasonable. IKEA is planning to expand the FLAMTRÄD line to other European markets, and is using Germany as a guinea pig to gauge shoppers’ interest.

IKEA is getting comfortable in the 3D printing sphere. The company recently partnered with non-profit organizations Milbat and Access Israel to develop printable 3D plans for tools that can be used with IKEA furniture to aid those with mobility issues and special needs. IKEA developed plans for a pen holder, specialized handles, and even pieces that can be printed and used to stabilize straws in cups.

These new 3D printable plans can be accessed through a database called ThisAbles.

Priding themselves on how easy their furniture pieces are to build and hack, 3D printing seems like a natural next step for IKEA to take and hopefully the new decor line goes well in Germany so Americans can grab a few 3D printed pieces for themselves.