IKEA Launched Decor Kits That Let You Mix Up Your Style Easily

published Nov 1, 2020
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Living room with gallery wall
Credit: IKEA

Want a new look without any thinking on your part? IKEA is now offering ready-made decorating kits that contain up to five products curated to bring an already-complete aesthetic to your home. For instance, a living room kit would have complementary pieces such as a cushion, a cushion cover, a throw pillow, and a houseplant. You’ll no longer have to wonder if the items you’ve bought will look good with your other decor.

The kits vary, too. There are kits for decorating, ones for organizing, and even ones that are seasonal, like a Christmas kit, for example. You can find one for as low as $4, while the more expensive bundles will cost between $40 and $140.

Here are some of of the ready-made decorating kits from the collection:

Credit: IKEA


Available for only $3.77, this kit can add character to any drab wall. You can either mount several same-sized frames in a symmetrical pattern, or go crazy with different sizes to make a lively gallery.

This kit includes: 1 YLLEVAD collage frame for 4 photos, and 2 YLLEVAD frames of various sizes.

Credit: IKEA


“Home baking is all about the prep,” the product description reads. And with the HEMMABAK baking kit, making a cake will be a piece of cake (pun intended).

This kit includes: 1 HEMMABAK loaf pan, 2 VISPAD mixing bowl of various sizes, 1 VARDAGEN apron, and 1 VIVALLA tablet stand.

Credit: IKEA


Never worry about killing your houseplant ever again. These artificial plants and flowers will bloom all year-round and spruce up any room in your home.

This kit includes: 2 CHIAFRON plant pots, a FEJKA artificial succulent, and 1 FEJKA artificial orchid.

Credit: IKEA


GURLI comes with everything you need to make your living room look neat and cozy. We love how IKEA included a potted plant to give the all-white scheme a pop of color.

This kit includes: 1 GURLI cushion cover, 1 VANDEROT cushion, 1 INGRUN throw, 1 FEJKA artificial potted plant, and 1 FORENLIG plant pot.

Credit: IKEA


This sleeping kit evokes the feeling that you’re staying at a really nice hotel suite. It’ll make you slumber so good that they even included an alarm clock!

This kit includes: 1 NATTJASMIN duvet cover, 1 KOLAX bedspread, 1 SANELA cushion cover, and 1 GANGA alarm clock.