This IKEA Hack Camouflages Your Ugly Wi-Fi Router with Only 15 Minutes and About $20

published Feb 28, 2023
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Every home, no matter how beautifully designed or styled, has a secret: There are ugly things contained within. Those things might be big — like refrigerators, radiators, or water heaters — or they might be small, like breaker boxes, Wi-Fi routers, or even just all the cords for various electronic devices. For the most part, you hardly ever notice most of these items since they’re familiar enough that they fade into the background. But the ones that don’t can often be camouflaged without too much trouble (or too much money). For breaker boxes, try mounting a piece of art that hinges outward to allow easy access; for cords, reach for paintable covers that you can paint to match the wall they’re on. And for unsightly Wi-Fi routers, here’s a remarkably easy hack you can do for less than $20.

The IKEA hack, posted by DIYer Robyn Stanley (@the_house_acc), uses supplies you likely already have on hand, can be done in 15 minutes flat, and requires zero power tools (unless you count the hot glue gun).

Stanley started her project with an IKEA picture frame big enough to conceal the router box, then removed the backing and the glass inside. Stanley’s exact frame is a European version of the RIBBA in the 21-cm-by-30-cm size; while the RIBBA is sold in U.S. IKEA stores, it’s only available in black and white in the 8-inch-by-10-inch size. For Americans, the closest pick from IKEA to get Stanley’s exact look is the HOVSTA frame, which is available in both a 12 ¼-inch-by-16 ¼-inch size as well as a 9-inch-square size. The color isn’t the same, but the HOVSTA — like the RIBBA Stanley uses — has a frame that’s deep enough to balance on a flat surface without an easel back stand to support it.

Of course, you don’t have to use an IKEA picture frame at all — this DIY is a great opportunity to mine dollar stores, thrift stores, or even your own home. To copy the freestanding look exactly, you’ll need to find a box frame that’s at least one inch thick so that it can stand without support.

Once Stanley had just the wood frame in hand, she cut out a piece of cane webbing she already had on hand so that it fit the inner dimensions of the frame. (You can buy a 3-foot length of this online for under $30.) If, however, you’d prefer to use something you already have, you can also try loose-woven fabric like burlap or linen.

After the material was cut to size, all Stanley needed to do was glue it in place using a hot glue gun. Then, she propped it up in front of her Wi-Fi router — project completed! Adding in a couple pieces of decor around the cover helps it blend right in.

For a twist on this look, Stanley suggests on Instagram that you can use leftover wood pieces to create a slatted effect; wood cooking skewers would also work well for this task. And, she adds, you can also paint your cover to match your surrounding decor. Stanley’s total cost for this project was a measly £6 — and even if you need to buy some fresh cane webbing, your total cost for project materials will come in under $20. And if you’re able to mine your own home for supplies, or pick them up at thrift stores, you could end up spending way less.

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