IKEA Has a New Logo—Can You Spot the Differences?

published Apr 18, 2019
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If you blinked and totally missed the fact that IKEA has a new logo, allow us to bring you up to speed. To the untrained eye, it appears that the new and improved logo isn’t any different from the 1992 original design we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. But upon closer inspection, slight differences between the IKEA logo of the past and present can be detected.

Joakim Jerring from Stockholm’s Seventy agency is responsible for the updated look, which addresses multiple issues. But first, the changes:

The old logo (Image credit: IKEA)

The registered trademark symbol went from being on the outside of the blue rectangle to being on the inside of the yellow oval, next to the blue IKEA lettering. Speaking of colors and shapes, the signature blue and yellow shades are slightly brighter while the rectangle and oval are less elongated. And as CreativeBloq points out, “The flairs on said lettering have also been trimmed, which allows for tighter kerning. Meanwhile, the counter in the letter ‘A’ has been expanded, and the arms on the letter ‘K’ taper off into a more narrow point.”

Admittedly, it’s difficult to see what the fuss is as about but the Seventy Agency offers a thorough breakdown of the purpose behind the logo makeover.

The new logo (Image credit: IKEA)

“We wanted to maintain the unique characteristics of the original iconic design, but make subtle, yet impactful changes to the logo for a better experience across all formats,” the agency explained in a press release.

“One of these changes was increasing the optical size of the brand name. By changing the proportions of the box and oval, we increased the letter size by 15%. Creating a bigger brand presence within the same amount of media space.”

Seventy Agency adds: “By refining and redrawing the letters, e.g. reducing the flares, the new IKEA logo is now optimized for both digital formats and small print formats. We also increased the counters in letter E and A for greater legibility.”

Apartment Therapy’s senior web designer Henry Chen weighed in on the changes, saying, “I actually like the new letterforms better. The old ‘E’ is especially clunky, but more that, the old one felt a little default.”

The timing of the new logo design coincides with IKEA announcing plans to open planning studios in 30 major cities around the world over the next three years.