This TikTok Shows IKEA’s MALM Bed Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

published Nov 6, 2023
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When you think of storage beds, styles with built-in side drawers or shelves are probably the first that come to mind. You may also associate this type of furniture with IKEA, as the budget-friendly brand has no shortage of smart, space-saving bed frames — including the ever-popular MALM. One viral TikTok video, though, has social media users in shock over an unexpected iteration of this IKEA staple.

User @tlffffff posted a video showing her bedroom, complete with a minimalist white MALM bed. She starts out with a voice-over, saying, “This is your friendly reminder to invest in furniture with storage, when possible.” She then demonstrates accessing her bed’s internal storage component, but rather than pulling out a drawer from the side or bottom, she lifts up the entire mattress itself to reveal a giant opening beneath

That’s right — unlike the standard MALM style that you’re probably most familiar with, this iteration of the IKEA bed features a sizable storage pit built into the base, designed to stow away extra bedding, linens, out-of-season clothes, shoes, or all of the above. The original TikTok poster goes on to explain that she’s even used this MALM bed for over three years, across multiple apartments. “Living in a studio, optimizing space is everything,” she adds. “So to have a piece of furniture like this has been priceless.”

As seen via @tlffffff’s post, the bed easily (and smoothly) opens and closes, thanks to a built-in lever at the bottom. Her bedding and pillows also don’t budge all, even with the mattress fully lifted up. One of the main perks, though? It’s way easier to access and visualize everything you need in one spot, rather than digging through multiple drawers to find a specific sweater or blanket. Clocking in at 79 7/8 inches deep and 60 1/4 inches wide, the sizable inside also frees up more organization opportunities — you can incorporate small baskets or containers to divide different items. 

Ultimately, this IKEA MALM bed is perfect for small bedrooms — especially if you prefer a more discreet-looking storage piece (you can’t even tell at first glance that this does double duty). It’s slightly more expensive than the four-drawer MALM, but you also don’t need any extra floor clearance to open it. The simple silhouette, which comes in black or white and full/double or queen sizes, pairs well with just about any design scheme, too, making it easy to style however you want in your own space.