This Lesser-Known Site Lets You Customize IKEA Furniture on a Budget

published Oct 2, 2023
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Credit: Sarah Crowley/Apartment Therapy

I’d like to think of myself as somewhat of a self-proclaimed IKEA expert — it practically comes with the territory, working at Apartment Therapy — but I recently discovered a need-to-know, new-to-me website that’s designed to specifically transform the brand’s furniture. Best of all, it’s like having your own BESTA or BILLY hack delivered right to your door, no DIY-ing needed.  

Say hello to O’verlays, a woman-owned boutique business that sells decorative geometric panels and kits, compatible with over 13 IKEA furniture collections. You first choose your desired IKEA product from the company’s list, then browse the various intricately-shaped styles available for each — think trellis-inspired drawer covers for the HEMNES dresser, or an all-over Greek key design to layer on the PIPPA chest. Pick your preferred thickness, too, either an eighth of an inch or a quarter of an inch (the thicker, the bolder the look!). 

Made from a lightweight PVC material, each O’verlays panel comes in a white finish that’s easy to paint over or even trim, if needed. Note that the company does offer custom orders for specific dimensions and pattern requests, as well, but with a $150 minimum. 

As for installation, you just need adhesive to instantly apply the panels to your IKEA pieces — they suggest using Liquid Nails, Loctite Stik’n Seal, or Gorilla Super Glue. Or, for furniture with a glass facade, like the HEMNES cabinet, the O’verlays can clip to the inside of the door for easier exterior cleaning. Rest assured, they’re also removable, in case you’re looking to swap styles or go back to your original IKEA silhouette.

Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to “hack” or customize a bare-bones piece of IKEA furniture, O’verlays gets the job done, sans DIY skills or power tools. Go as elaborate as you want, too, and decorate just a top row of drawers or an entire piece. Either way, prices range from less than $10 to a little over $100. Not bad for a ready-to-use, perfectly-sized IKEA accessory.